2007 Youth
Writing Contest Results

Contest Manager
Mary-Lane Kamberg

The 2007 KAC Youth Contest had 195 entries in three categories: Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction. Entrants entered their grade level as of April 2007.

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1-2 grade Poetry
1 Anthony Oshakuade   Benton
2 Tom Teeter   Topeka
3 Grace Chisholm   Fairway

3-4 grade Poetry
1 Jessica Henson   Galena
2 Audrey Phillips   Overland Park
3 Catherine DeVillier   Wellsville
HM Caitlyn Hussong   Galena
HM Cecilia Potts-Moore   Manhattan

5-6 grade Poetry
1 Lauren Griffen   Olathe
2 Elissa Failes  

El Dorado

3 Julia Marquez-Uppman


Overland Park
HM Janel Crist   Overbrook
HM Taylor Bickel   Overland Park

7-8 grade Poetry
1 Carrie Remillard   Overland Park
2 Ann Wallsmith   Baldwin City
3 Jack McGroder   Lenexa
HM Sam Teeter   Topeka
HM Prudence Wild   North Newton

9-12 grade
1 Connie Hu   Olathe
2 Ashley Hopkins  


3 Kristen Remillard   Overland Park
HM Alexis Taylor-Butler   Kansas City
HM Deborah Wild   North Newton

1-2 grade Fiction
1 Ryan Harra   Olathe
2 Erin Williams   Tonganoxie
3 Chandler Caldwell   Tonganoxie

3-4 grade Fiction
1 Hunter Williams   Princeton
2 Dylan Ginther   Olathe
3 Taylor Boots   Olathe
HM Amanda Harra   Olathe

5-6 grade Fiction
1 Alex Gabrielli   Shawnee
2 Gideon Wild   North Newton
3 Chelsey Haden   Eudora
HM Scott LaMunyon   Towanda
HM Kent Willmeth   Senecca

7-8 grade Fiction


Prudence Wild   North Newton
2 Beth Ekis   Overland Park
3 Rachel Bryant   Mission
HM Carrie Remillard   Overland Park

9-12 grade Fiction

1 Jordyn Giddens   Wichita
2 Yang-Hee Yun   Valley Center
3 Sydney Stallbaumer   Linwood

1-2 grade Nonfiction
1 Lydia Jeong   Wichita
2 Zachary Postovit   Benton
3 Ben Whitney   Olathe

3-4 grade Nonfiction
1 Katie Buhler   Pratt
2 Amanda Harra   Olathe
3 Hunter Williams   Princeton
HM Sarah Smith   Shawnee

5-6 grade Nonfiction
1 Patrick Oshakuade   Benton
2 Lauren Gantt   Lenexa
3 Alan Longshaw   Towanda

7-8 grade Nonfiction
1 Renata Herrmann   Towanda
2 Carrie Remillard   Overland Park
3 Ann Wallsmith   Baldwin City

9-12 grade Nonfiction
1 Deborah Wild   North Newton
2 Connor Terrill   Leawood
3 Connie Hu   Olathe

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2007 Youth Judges

Poetry judge Sally Jadlow is author of the poetry collection Sonflower Petals and the historical novel The Late Sooner.

Fiction judge Chalise MIner is author of Rainforest Girl.

Nonfiction judge Pat Clothier is author of the memoir Beneath the Window: Early Ranch Life in the Big Bend Country.

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