Paint Your Canvas With Words, 2006 Convention, Junction City,  Kansas Authors Club

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Holden, Kansas Poet Laureate2006 Convention Photos
Photos by Tracy Simmons,
supplimented by Myron Donavan and Carol Yoho,
prepared for the web by Carol Yoho

Convention Business

congregating Paint your camvas with words chatting between sessions
Buster and Betty Jenkins 1 Buster and Betty Jenkins 2 Annual meeting
Book room 1 Book room 2 Book room 3
Sam Pierson and Myron Donavan Gail Martin, Roxie Olmstead, etc. Dorothy Masters chooses door prize winners

Banquets and Luncheons

Head table guests, Saturday evening banquet Doris Schroeder, Joann Williams, Susan Kinney-Riordan
Head table attendees, Saturday eveing banquet
Doris Hurd Elizabeth Nichols Banquest table Banquet flowers
Barbarshop Quartet, Saturday night entertainment

Donald J. Coffin Memorial Book Award

Trudy McFarland, author of Diary of a German War Bride Trudy McFarland (right) accepts her award presented by Karen Sells Brown (left)

2006 Merit Awards

Achievement Award to Richard Paul Tanos (left) presented by Ursula Turner (right) Achievement Award to Helen Long (left) presented by Lois Lewis (right) Service Award presented by Barbara Waterman-Peters (left) to Karen Sells Brown (right)
Special Merit Award to Mary-Lane Kamberg (left) by Margaret Nichols (right) Special Merit Award given to Joann Williams (left) byJean Jackson (center) and Barbara Curry (right) President Award given by Cindy Ross (left) to Doris Schroeder (right)

Christie Breault received a Service Award, but could not be present to receive it.

Poetry Writing Contest Winners —see also Poetry winners list

Classic Poetry: Judy Miller, Ted Farmer Free Verse Poetry: Ted Farmer Rhymed Verse: Naomi Patterson and Jane Vajnar
Narrative Verse: William J. Karnowski Whimsy: Diane Palka Haiku: Mary-Lane Kamberg, Naomi Patterson, Diane Palka, and Jean Jackson

Themed Poetry, Paint Your Canvas with Words: Mildred Horlaeher

Prose Writing Contest Winners —see also Prose winners list

Feature Article: Nancy Kopp, Leona Dillard, Judy Miller, Mary-Lane Kamberg Memoir: Duane Johnson, Joann Williams, Leona Dillard, Naomi Patterson
Story for Children: Mary-Lane Kamberg, Nancy Kopp, Carol Yoho, Naomi Patterson Inspiration: Lorena Joyce Herrmann, Dorothy Jinks
Historical Research: Roxie Omstead, Joann Williams, Mary-Lane Kamberg First Five Pages of a Book: Duane Johnson, Ervin E. Grant, Sam Pierson, Joann Williams
Theme, Paint Your Camvas With Words: Joann Williams, Teresa Oliver, Trudy McFarland, Sam Pierson, Leona Dillard

William J. Karnowski Youth Poetry Awards

Mason Johnson, Burlington, KS, First place winner, with Bill Karnowski Mason Johnson, First place winner, reads I Killed a Man Madeline Roger, Second place winner, with Bill Karnowshi Madeline Roger, Second place winner reads Stronger than Me

Some Kansas Authors Club Attendees

Dorothy Masters, District 4, Convention Coordinator Karen Sells Brown, District 1, Merit Award, Achievement honors Nancy Kopp, District 4 Presentor Roy Bird speaks with Jerry W. Engler William Karnowski, District 4 Evie Green, District 1

Youth Contest Awards

2006 Youth Artwork winners
2006 Youth Themed Poetry winners 2006 Youth Themed Prose winners

Invitation to 2007 Convention, Oct. 5-7, Wichita

Marching in Theme: Pen Life as Art, Write From the Heart District 5 members invite all to 2007 convention

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