Coffeyville Convention 2005, Kansas Authors Club
District 3 Hosting
George Wiser, host Ivan Pfalser Doris Schroeder, state president, welcomes members
Lois Hendrix, Frankie Roland, Ursula Turner, District 3 Hostesses Mary Atkinson, hostess
Buffet line, Saturday evening banquet Head table, Saturday evening banquet Flower decor Meadowlark decor
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           Presenters & Entertainers —see also Speakers list
Ursula Turner introduces illustrator Tim Raglin Tim Raglin,illustrator of children's books Shaun Moffitt Lou Barndollar
Anne Shiever leads Saturday evening sing-along, Larry Carter accompanies Cindy Powell, singer Mark Frank Larry Carter entertained at the banquet
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reenactors 1
Dalton Defender Days 2005

bank shoot out
reenactors 2
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Roxie Olmstead accepts Service AwardUrsula Turner accepts Service Award
LeNore Stumpf, J. Donald Coffin Award Winner 2005
Ruth Ames accepts a canvas tote bag in recognition of her acceivements
Honored Members
Naomi Patterson, Nelson Poetry Award winner 2005, with Raymond NelsonCynthia Ross presents Uncle Sam to Karen Sells Brown, honoring George Paris of District 1
Alice Flower was honored with a cake in thanks for her work on Our Way With Words, our centennial collection of member writing
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           Bill Kurtis, Keynote Address
Bill Kurtis and his William Allen White Award and KAC membership Keynote highlight 1 Keynote highlight 2 Keynote highlight 3 Keynote highlight 4
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           Annual Meeting
Barbara Booth discusses the structure of her jacket and our organization Gail Martin delivers the Archivist's report
Ann Everett Marvin Wambsganss gives treasurer's report Sandra Detrixhe reviews member newss
incoming Kansas Authors Club board Roxie Olmstead give financial secretary's reports
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reading workshop handout mid-afternoon book signing session Convention Activities
Roxie Olmstead managed the convention book room
Frankie Roland and Lois Hendrix welcome members to Coffeyville attendees 1
attendees 2 attendees 3
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Christie Breault announces youth writing contest winners William J. Karnowski Susan Howell and Banquet bouquet
Janice Levering and Linda Geffert provide a read-around rap
Friend, including Tom Mach and Joann Williams, pose with their waiter
Coffeyville Bank, once robbed by the Dalton Gang
LeNore Stumpf, J. Donald Coffin Award winner, 2005Trudy McFarland reades a ghost story at the Saturday night read-around
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           Poetry Writing Contest Winners —see also Poetry winners list
Rhymed Verse: Ted Farmer, William J. Karnowski, Laurence Harshbarger Classic Poetry Forms: Julia Dagenais, Conrad Jestmore, Rosemary Parsons Torrez
Free Verse: Robert Carey, Bevery Lyons Narrative Verse: Naomi Patterson and Barbara Brady Haiku: Jean Jackson & Barbara Curry
Whimsy Verse: Laurence Harshbarger, Beverly Lyons, Yvonne Evie Green Themed Poem Contest: Barbara Brady, Leona Dillard, Conrad Jestmore
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          Prose Writing Contest Winners —see also Prose winners list
Theme, Prose: Julia Dagenais, Barbara Brady, Tom Mach Short Story: Naomi Patterson Feature Article: Leona Dillard and Margaret Shauers First Five Pages of a Book: Max Yoho
Inspiration: Tonya Marie Smith, Naomi Patterson, Barbara Brady Story for Children: Naomi Patterson and Barbara Brady Memoir: Carol Yoho, Doris Schroeder, Alice Flower
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          Youth Writing Contest Winners —see also Youth Contest winners list
Youth contest winners 1 Christie Breault congratulates two youth writing contest winners
All attending Youth Writing Contest winners Youth Writing Contest reception
More Youth Writing Contest winners Young writers and their family supporters
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          2006 Convention Invitation
Dorothy Masters, president of District 4, leads her merry band
Cheryl Knight and Lois Lewis guard hold up their share of the banner
William J. Karnowski and Wade Knight support the far end of the banner
Left to right: LaNore Stumpf, Sandra Detrixhe, Anne Shiever, Cheryl Knight, Lois Lewis, Wade Knight, Alice Flower, William J. Karnowski, Laurence Harshbarger
District 4 members hold the invitational banner
Kerry Lewis and LeNore Stumpf hold up their part of the bannerSandra Detrixhe and Anne Sheiver support the middle of the long banner
Laurence Harshbarger peeks over the top of his sign, Wade Lewis stands behind
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