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Two Poems About
Our Centennial

Hats Off to District 1
by Judie Miller, District 1

The Centennial Convention!
We were worked to the bone,
District 1 was exhausted
Would we ever go home?

Our fuses were short,
Our emotions ran high,
With still so much to do
As the deadline drew nigh.

Were the bases all covered?
Was there something adrift?
Would attendees be happy?
Or would they be miffed?

We pondered and wondered
Rethought and considered,
Affirmed plans we had made
Avowed we were not quitters.

But hard work was rewarded…
Donations were raised!
The food was delicious!
Decorations were praised!

As the weekend unfolded
And we spoke with our guests,
Our fears were unfounded
And our doubts put to rest.

Oh, there were a few glitches-
A worst-case scenario,
But members stepped up to the plate
When workshop hosts failed to show!

Registration frustrations?
They were calmly addressed.
A subtle blue and red tie
Will tell you the rest!

At the banquet we traveled
Back to 1904,
Kansas writers in costumes
Were there by the score!

The bookstore ran smoothly.
It was diligently manned.
Volunteers made their appearance
As painstakingly planned.

Awards were doled out with charm,
The system well orchestrated.
No confusion at all-
Recipients were elated!

And now that it’s over,
Frayed emotions won’t last
As we “high five” each other-
We sure did it with class!

Kansas Authors Club
(Sung to the tune of “Home on the Range”)
by Anne Shiever, District 4
Written October 22, 2004

Oh there is a place
In the sunflower state
Where a writer’s stories are told
With a pen in their hand
They spread love through the land
Sending joy to the young and the old

Yes, there is a place
Kansas Author’s write with such grace
They write of the past
So our memories will last
For the lives of this wonderful state

Well they started a club
It was nineteen oh four
So the Kansas Author’s could meet
Sharing ideas
In the land where we live
Kansas Author’s just can’t be beat!

Yes, there is a place
Kansas Author’s write with such grace
With poetry too
And short stories for you
Isn’t Kansas a wonderful state!

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