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2004 Convention Photos
Various Meetings

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2004 Photos

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2003-2004 Board

Annual Meeting
Gail Martin

Barbara Booth 1
Barbara Booth 2

Sunday morning annual meeting, Doris Schroeder presiding

2004-2005 Board
Many of the Officers, 2004-2005 Board

2004/2005 Board (Present at Convention on Sunday): Ann Everett, Yearbook Co-Editor; Pauline Fecht, District 7 President; Doris Schroeder, President; Cynthia Ross, Awards Chair; Joann Williams, District 2 President; Roxie Olmstead, Financial Secretary; Gail Martin, Archivist (behind Roxie); Tom Mach, Secretary (behind Roxie and Gail); Susan Kinney-Riordan, Poetry Contest Manager; Barbara Booth, Parliamentarian; Ann Mart, Prose Contest Manager; Sandra Detrixhe, New Member Chair; Karen Brown, Vice-President and District 1 President; Dorothy Masters, District 4 President.

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2003-2004 Board