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2004 Convention Photos
2004 Writing Awards Luncheon

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2004 Photos

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Naomi Patterson (2) and Mary-Lane Kamberg (3), Short Story, Prose
Mary-Lane Kamberg (2 & HM), Janice L. Levering (3), and Ursula Turner (HM), Feature Article, Prose
Conrad Jestmore (1), Marshall Clark, (3), and Ann Everett (HM), Memoir, Prose Doris Schroeder (3) and Frankie Roland (HM), Inspiration, Prose
Joann Williams (1), Margaret Shauers (2), Anne McCourtie (3), Anne Mart (HM), Story for Children, Prose Barbara Lerma (2), Roxie Olmstead (HM) and Robert Lawson (HM), Write About a Kansas Author, Prose
Sam Pierson (2) and Lori Stratton (HM), First Five Pages of a Book, Prose Beverly Lyons (3), Roxie Olmstead (HM), Barbara Booth (HM), Prose Theme

Ted Farmer (2), Naomi Patterson (3), Evie Green (HM), Ruth S. Stunz (HM), Classicf Forms, Poetry Karen Sells Brown (2) and Barbara Curry (3), Free Verse, Poetry
Claude Lee (1), Naomi Patterson (2 & HM), William J. Karnowski (3), Ruth S. Stunz (HM), Rhymed Verse, Poetry Ruth S. Stunz (3), Naomi Patterson (HM), Duane Herrmann (HM), Narrative Verse, Poetry
Naomi Patterson (1 & 2), Anne Mc Courite (3), Conrad Jestmore (HM), Light Verse, Poetry Ann Evertt (1), Diane Palka (2 & 3), Barbara Booth (HM), and Linda Geffert (HM), Japanese Forms, Poetry
Naomi Patterson (1 & 2), Elizabeth Nichols (3), and Robert N. Lawson (HM), Song Lyrics, Poetry Conrad Jestmore (3), Robert N. Lawson (HM), and Evie Green (HM), Poem About a Kansas Author
Conrad Jestmore (1 & 3), Lori Stratton (2), and Beverly Lyons (HM), Poetry Theme Contest

District 3 invites members to the KAC 2005 convention in Coffeyville
luncheon table service Prose and Poetry Chairs, Katrina Clark and Tracy Million Simmons, D1, Topeka

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Doris inspires members at the dawn of the our organization's second century Buster and Betty Jenkins, D2, entertain luncheon-goers

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