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2004 Convention Photos
Centennial Banquet & Meeting of Minds

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2004 Photos

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early Authors Club re-enactors

A listing of Guests from the Past (not in order above)
William Allen White (Fred Krebs)
Henry W. Roby (Chris Waugh)
Frank MacLennan (George Paris)
Margaret Hill McCarter (Mary Orr)
Eugene Fitch Ware (David Tangeman)
Lilla Day Monroe (Anne Berryman)
May Belleville Brown (Katrina Clark)
Henry Justin Allen (Marshall Clark)
Arthur Capper (Leroy Dagg)
E.W. Hoch (Steve Good)
Albert Paine (Don Jacobs)
Ed Howe (Don Lambert)
Helen Rhoda Hoopes (Susan Marchant)
Samuel J. Crawford (Brad Merryman)
William E. Connelley (Jeff Montague)
Esther Clark (Phyllis Penny)
Tom McNeal (David Pomeroy)
Jessie Whitcomb (Barbara Waterman-Peters)
Albert T. Reid (Jim Ploger)
George P. Morehouse (Cim Roesner)
Isabel McArthur (Janine Silsby)
Anna Marie Nellis (Margie Smith)
Rev. Charles Sheldon (David Weyhrauch)
Elizabeth Barr (Sue Wine)

Highland Park High School Choralaires, Mark camacho, Director and Gerilynne turvey, Accompanist Melanie Wambsganss, violin Jenith Hoover, cello
Gov. E.W. Hoch (Steve Good)  proposes a toast--with water
Our founder Dr. Henry W. Roby (Chris Waugh) helped invent the typewriter
Frank MacLennan (George Paris) invites a Rev. Charles Sheldon (David Weyhrauch) offers the banquet blessing
banquet table set upKAC president, Doris Schroeder, welcomes guests

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Centennial banquet program