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Many agencies share a common desire of providing useful information to older citizens. Libraries are a natural ally for creating community partnerships. Below is a list of agencies that may provide partnership opportunities in your community.

brown arrow preceding menu linkAging Kansas
A gateway for anyone seeking information about aging or seniors, and services to seniors, legislation concerning aging or seniors, and advocacy for elders on the world wide web. Includes links to Kansas Department on Aging, Area Agencies on Aging, Kansas Senior Centers, and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

brown arrow preceding menu linkDepartment on Aging
Their mission is to serve "all Kansas Seniors by using public and private resources to improve their security, dignity and independence". This site contains many useful links including contacts for Local Area Agencies on Aging, links of interest to seniors, annual Elder Count (statistics by county), and information on the Governor's Conference on Aging.

brown arrow preceding menu linkKanSAIL
Kansas Seniors Achieving Independent Living Skills (Kan-SAIL), a program of the Kansas Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides services to increase the independent living skills and to improve the quality of life of older persons experiencing severe vision impairment or blindness. They provide local training sessions throughout Kansas. Contact them if your library would be interested in hosting a session in your community.

brown arrow preceding menu linkKATCO
Kansas Assistive Technology Coorerative (KATCO) Financial Services, manages a low interest loan program and a directed savings programs for the purchase of adaptive equipment, including such items as computers, scooters, adaptive vehicles and home modifications.

brown arrow preceding menu linkLife Project
The LIFE Project is a coalition of organizations working together to improve end-of-life care and to ensure that all Kansans live with dignity, comfort and peace at the end of life. A summary of the LIFE Project is also available in the publication section of this website.

brown arrow preceding menu link OKIRSA
The purpose of the Older Kansans Information & Referral Services is to present a unified statewide Information & Referral ( I & R ) organization when confronting issues affecting the elderly. More information about OKIRSA is available in the publication section of this website.

brown arrow preceding menu linkTelecommunications Access Program (TAP)
The purpose of the program is to provide vouchers to Kansans with disabilities so they can acquire the specialized equipment they need to access basic telecommunications services. A summary of the TAP program is also available in the publication section of this website.