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The Older Kansans Information Forum (OKIF) will make information resources on senior issues and concerns available to Kansas librarians and trustees so they can offer excellent library services to older citizens.

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HealthFinder -- reliable health information, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides links to over 1,700 government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities.

How Small Libraries Can Develop Library Services for Older Kansans

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brown arrow preceding menu link About the Forum
Find out more about the goals, purpose and membership of the OKIF forum.
brown arrow preceding menu link Publications
Explore articles, written by Kansas librarians, on the aging process and services to older Kansans.
brown arrow preceding menu link Outreach
Take a look at Kansas library programs designed to provide services to older patrons.
brown arrow preceding menu link Book Reviews
Become acquainted with available readings on senior topics (reviews written by Kansas librarians).
brown arrow preceding menu link State Resources
Examine resources available through state, regional and local centers.
brown arrow preceding menu link Senior Issues
Discover information on topics common to older patrons.
brown arrow preceding menu link Assistive Technology
Learn more about the role and resources available to public librarians.
brown arrow preceding menu link Ready Reference
Quickly connect to ready reference sites such as AARP, Social Security and Kansas Department on Aging.
brown arrow preceding menu link Partnerships
Visit sites of organizations with a common interest of providing quality services to older patrons. Click here for information on local Area Agencies on Aging
brown arrow preceding menu link Glossary
Encounter the meanings to words that have become a part of our vocabulary as a result of an aging society.