Second Reaching for Excellence Training Program Will Cover Issues in Library Technology on October 23 and October 24

by Shannon Roy, Continuing Education Coordinator

The State Library staff has been busy planning the second Reaching for Excellence Administrative Training Program, which will be on Issues in Library Technology. This program will be on Thursday, October 23 and Friday, October 24. Registrations for this program must be placed no later than Friday, October 17. Librarians are welcome to send an e-mail placeholder for this program if they will let us know when their library will be sending a check to the State Library of Kansas.

It will be especially exciting because it will be the first use of the high-definition video-conferencing network that is called ELMER (Enhanced Library Meeting Rooms) for a librarian training program. The ELMER locations will be at the Northeast System, Salina Public Library and Lane County Library in Dighton.

The participants will be free to choose their preferred location and to attend both days for 10 contact hours of re-certification credit, or to attend either day for 5 contact hours of re-certification credit. Handouts for this program will be posted to KANLIB-L and placed on the State Library website. The registration list will also be posted after registration is closed on October 17.

Jessamyn West is coming from Vermont to be our guest for this program. She will speak on the development of library 2.0 services. Jessamyn has presented to Kansans on this topic before, but the current issues are always changing. Jessamyn has been described as a library consultant, a blogger, an opinion maker, a mover and shaker and a free spirit. Although a keynote presenter, Jessamyn is not a morning person and will be presenting on the afternoon of October 23.

Kathy Rippel is in charge of the workshop on Technical Services that will be presented Wednesday morning. This workshop will cover good procedures for acquisition, processing and tracking materials, high quality catalog maintenance and connecting technical services with reference work for better library service.

Kathy Rippel currently heads the Resource Access and Sharing Department for the Central Kansas Library System in Great Bend. This department handles Cataloging, Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan. Kathy also manages Pathfinder Central, a union catalog of 31 CKLS libraries. Through working public and technical services in many types of libraries, Kathy has developed philosophies for connecting technical services with reference work.

On Friday, October 24, the talented Automation and Technology Consultants from the South Central System will teach a workshop on current topics in library technology. Larry Papenfuss and Sharon Barnes have worked closely with South Central libraries to foster technology development and have been presenters at a number of programs.

Larry Papenfuss, Automation & Technology Coordinator for the South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS), oversees all facets of technology services provided to South Central libraries. In addition, he manages the networks, computers, wireless and video-conferencing technology of the regional system office/training center. His job at SCKLS has grown exponentially since he was hired in 1998 and he revels in embracing technologies and issues which were never conceived of at that time. His vision and persistence are qualities that have proven beneficial to libraries throughout the region; in a 2006 survey of SCKLS member libraries, 94% of respondents rated services as excellent. Larry counterbalances the stress of serious “keeping up” by maintaining a fish aquarium in his office and with occasional inventive pranks on previously unsuspecting coworkers and associates.

Sharon Barnes is the Automation & Technology Consultant for the South Central Kansas Library System. She has participated in the transition of libraries from paper-based and hand-counted processes to the current level of technology, and has a broad understanding of the issues librarians face. Her participation in that technology was not totally voluntary at the beginning, so she can empathize with those who approach the subject without much enthusiasm. Sharon has helped hundreds of librarians see how today’s ever-changing capabilities can enrich their daily lives and help them be more productive, even if these technologies are not always trouble-free. Member librarians know her love of lifelong learning is contagious, and often learn as much from her about rabbit-raising, knitting and genealogy as they do about technology.

The topics they will cover will include hardware infrastructure, software, technology management, planning and budgeting, and tools for library websites, social networking, collection management and web searching.

The registration form for this program is available at:

E-mail registrations for this program may be sent to Shannon Roy, Continuing Education Coordinator at the State Library at:

Librarians may also access the workshop through desktop streaming. There is no fee for those accessing the workshop by streaming.

Instructions for connecting to a Codian IPVCR Live/Archive Stream:
  • Open Internet Explorer and browse to
    (Front page shown below)

  • Click on ‘ELMeR Projects’ listed under ‘Sub folders’
  • Please enter Folder PIN (35637) and click ‘Proceed’
  • Click on the ‘Watch’ link across from the session you would like to view. If you would like to test your system, please click on ‘Library Test’.
  • Select the type of stream you would like to view and click on the ‘Start Streaming’ button.
  • You can adjust your Video size by clicking on ‘show advanced streaming options’. If there is no content being streamed, please deselect the box next to ‘View content channel’.
Please note the streaming applet requires that Java already be installed on your machine.

If there are any questions or concerns about the statewide training on Technology Issues, please call Shannon Roy at 785/296-2148 or send e-mail to

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