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Mennonite Heritage Museum Goessel, Kansas

Welcome to our Heritage Gardens.  Wild flowers similar to those that might have greeted the Russian immigrants to the Kansas Prairie in 1874 greet you at the Immigrant House.  Spider milkweed, prairie phlox, flax, cobaea beardtongue, compass plant, gay feather, purple coneflower, goldenrod, upright prairie cornflower, Arkansas rose, purple poppy mallow, big bluestem grass, plains coreopsis and sunflowers are typical native Kansas flowers that endure cold winter, hot summer, summer drought and occasional flooding.  

The Krause House Garden features more wildflowers as well as balloon flowers, butter and eggs, and heritage miniature iris that bloom in early spring.

Three old variety roses, moved from community homesteads, share their vintage flowers in spring.  One blooms with small double white flowers, one has single pink blossoms, and the other one has dark pink double roses with a memorable aroma and welcomes visitors to the Krause House.

In front of the Friesen House we have some wildflowers that are used in gardens, like spiderwort, yucca, false blue indigo and butterfly milkweed, as well as other heritage flowers like Rose of Sharon, dark flowered hollyhock, peonies, nigella, irises, carnations, dusty Miller, creeping thyme, cosmos, zinnias and other annuals.

An oak tree, descendent from an oak tree in Russia, is growing from an acorn that was brought to Kansas as a souvenir. 

Our vegetable garden features heritage beans, Russian watermelons, borscht kroot, multiplier onions and herbs.  An old variety of petunias, called climbing petunias, bloom in front of the Wheat Palace.  

Come, enjoy the old tradition of visiting a friend and neighbor's garden.

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April 8, 2005 / Goessel, Kansas /

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