It was here that Edward's wife, Ann, prepared "meals of country fried chicken with cream gravy, fluffy potatoes and deep-dish apple pie." The sound of laughter could often be heard as Ann made corn meal mush using her Ohio cookbook recipe. At the end of his day's work in the fields, Edward's "joy was unbounded when he saw wreaths of gray smoke spiraling upward from the chimney of the 'summer kitchen,' and scented the savory odor of prairie chicken and corn bread."

The kitchen range, though not an original Funston piece, is identical to the one used by the Funston family. The range has a warming oven across the top, a hot water tank on the right, and a hearth on the left for warming cold feet after a trip to the woodshed on a frosty morning. The exterior doors to the left and right inside the kitchen created a breezeway when opened, undoubtedly to help the heat from the range escape from the kitchen. The door next to the range is to the pantry.