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Tuesday through Saturday
November through April

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Funston Home Location
The Major General Frederick Funston Home is located on the west side of the Allen County courthouse square. 1/2 block north of U.S. Highway 54 (Madison Ave.)

14 South Washington
Iola, Kansas 66749
(620) 365-3051
Museum Curator: Michael Anderson

The house in which Frederick Funston grew up was built around 1860, and was originally located on a homestead about five miles north of Iola, Kan. When the Funston family acquired it in 1867, the home was a simple three-room, story-and-a-half farmhouse. Additions were made by Funston's father, Congressman Edward H. Funston. Located since 1994 on the Iola city square, the home has been restored according to the Victorian decor typical of the 1880s and 1890s. Artifacts and furniture on display at the Funston Home include items that were originally at the homestead during Frederick Funston's boyhood, as well as items pertaining to Funston's explorations and military career.

The Funston Project of moving, restoring, and opening the Funston Home as a museum and erecting the Funston Museum and Visitor's Center was the vision of Clyde W. Toland, President of the Allen County Historical Society, Inc., from October 1990 to October 1995. Without countless volunteer hours of work on his part and without his untiring leadership, dedication, and determination, the Funston Project would not have happened.

The Funston Home was moved to Iola on July 28, 1994, and, after being restored, the Home was dedicated and opened as a museum on June 17, 1995. Under the leadership of Robert G. Hawk, who was elected president in October 1995, and Michael Anderson, Curator, the Funston Museum and Visitor's Center was erected in 1996 and opened on June 22, 1997.

Members of the Society's Board of Directors who served during all or part of the project are Ardell Boyer, Judith Bragg, Bill Burcham, Laura Caillouet, Anne Stadler Farmer, Robert G. Hawk, Joe Haynes, Frances Jordan, Frances Kinzle, Retabess Ling, Bill McAdam, Ruby Nicholas, Cecelia Orcutt, C. Ellis Potter, Dorothy Strong, Van Thompson, Clyde W. Toland and T.D. Wheat.

During the term of the Funston Project a total of $209,887.77 cash was donated for the project. All donations are from private sources except for a $4,800.00 donation from the City of Iola Tourism Fund and a $24,500.00 grant from the State of Kansas Economic Development Initiative Fund, which is funded by the state lottery. Other donations include goods and services and most of the land for the site of the Home and Museum.

We gratefully acknowledge these many generous donors, who helped to turn a vision into a reality.