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The Coutts Memorial Museum of Art
110 N. Main, El Dorado, KS 67042
(316) 321-1212


Rod Seel, Director
Terri Scott, Assistant Director
Evelyn Walford, Receptionist - Senior Work Experience Program

Board of Trustees:
Connie Walton, President
Joyce Demo, Vice President
Jeremy Sundgren, Secretary
Ted Farmer, Treasurer
Jennifer Callaway
Jackie Clark
Frank Freeman
Bill Kloeblen
Connie Phillips
Alexandria White
Finance Committee - Ed Gard/Mark Utech, Co-Chairs
Facilities Committee - John Prigmare, Chair
Volunteer/Membership Committee - Joyce Demo, Chair
Exhibition Committee - Sherry Hermreck, Chair
Collections Committee - Jim Clements, Chair
Nominations Committee - Ray Connell, Chair

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