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An electronic mailing list is an organized collection of people with e-mail access who send information back and forth to each other about a particular interest.

The following is a list of mailing lists recommended for Kansas librarians. If you subscribe to only one mailing list, KANLIB-L is a good choice. By clicking on the 'Subscribe/More Info' button, you can subscribe to the list, request more information about that list, or issue other list commands.

You can subscribe to ESU's SLIM related lists at http://slimlist.emporia.edu/mailman/listinfo



The Kansas Library Forum deals with all issues of interest to Kansas librarians. Discussion includes job and meeting announcements, Internet resources, the Kansas Library Catalog, online and local databases, ERATE, microcomputer labs, and OPACs.

ALA Members Forum


The ALA has established a members-only mailing list for general discussions.



CILIBS-L is the Community Information for Libraries List. It is here that information regarding the Community and Library Organizations Union Database (CLOUD) is exchanged. Information of general interest regarding community networking and community information is also welcome.



CULS-L is a mailing list for members of the College and Universities Libraries Section of the Kansas Library Association. Although the list is designed to serve the membership of CULS, others are welcome to join if they wish to keep abreast of the activities of our organization and academic libraries in Kansas.



KANILL-L is a computer conference (discussion list) that deals with all issues of interest to Kansas librarians accepting ILL requests by EMAIL. While most KANILL-L subscribers are ILL librarians, the list also serves automation consultants, and others. This list replaces the now-defunct list 'KLC-L'.



KANKID-L is the mailing list for the Children's and School Section of the Kansas Library Association. This list is designed to serve section members, but is open to all library professionals interested in topics relating specifically to children and young adults. Discussions include sharing of resources, children's programming ideas, forming partnerships between public and school libraries, TriConference programs, and other children's issues.



KLNMRT-L is sponsored by the Kansas Library Association New Members Round Table. It is open to anyone interested in the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing new workers in the library and information field, particularly in the state of Kansas.



This is the Library and Information Science jobs mailing list, as established by the folks at IFLANET, the electronic services of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. This is an Internet mailing list for the submission of employment opportunities for librarians and info professionals. If you don't want your employer to know you're subscribed to this list, be sure to check the 'conceal' radio button when sending in your subscription.



A list aimed at but not limited to paraprofessional/support staff in libraries.



Conversation on LM_NET should focus on the topics of interest to the school library media community, including the latest on school library media services, operations, and activities. It is a list for practitioners helping practitioners, sharing ideas, solving problems, telling each other about new publications and up-coming conferences, asking for assistance or information, and linking schools through their library media centers.

A high-volume list. Accompanying web site: http://ericir.syr.edu/lm_net/




PUBLIB is a listserv that deals with general issues of public libraries, connectivity, public access to the Internet, resources of interest to public librarians, new telecommunications policies, and new technologies for use in public libraries.



SLAHOA-L is a listserv for members of The Heart of America Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. The Heart of America chapter of the SLA covers the state of Kansas and western Missouri. HOA members come from both academia and industry, with probably the majority in corporate libraries of all sizes.



Trustee invites all public library board members to share their concerns on their roles and responsibilities and other issues that impact public library service. Postings on Trustees might include questions and answers and notices of upcoming conferences, institutes, workshops and other training opportunities for trustees.