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Welcome to the website of the Wichita Area Library Association (WALA). WALA is dedicated to supporting libraries and library employees in the Wichita area and works to improve library services and access for the Wichita area community of library users.

This website provides project and organizational information about WALA, an organization of library professionals started in 1988 in Wichita, Kansas. WALA holds monthly meetings to plan the association's events and to discuss ways of improving library services and networking among area library professionals and supporters. WALA invites all interested Wichita area librarians, library employees and library supporters to contribute to the association's professional endeavors, social activities and special projects to assist area libraries. Our newsletter, WALA News, is archived at this site.

Please join us by contacting our officers and/or board members listed on this site, or by filling out the membership form.



Mission Statement

The mission of WALA is to improve library services and promote greater awareness of libraries for all users in the Wichita area.




Updated July 22, 2013 Eric Gustafson