Word Processing
October 19, 2002
Desktop Publishing
 Desktop Publishing is the process of combining text and graphics, using a computer, to create attractive documents.—i.e. newsletters, advertisements, programs, posters, etc.

A. Creating Columns
    a. Format Columns
    b. Column Button on Toolbar

B. Drawing Graphics
    a. Graphics are pictures that help illustrate the meaning of the text, make the
        page more attractive or more functional.
    b. Must be in print layout view (View, Print Layout)
    c. Select drawing button on toolbar to bring up the Drawing toolbar or go to
        View, Toolbars, Drawing
    d. Variety of Drawing tools available.
    e. Hold down shift key when drawing a rectangle to get a perfect square, or shift/oval
        to get a perfect circle.
    f. Click on object to select it.  An object must be selected to manipulate/change it.
        The object will have handles when selected (handles a little squared around the object)
    g. Drag the handles to resize object
    h. You can cut, copy, and paste objects the same as text.
    i. Color Objects
        i. Fill Color (icon with paint can on draw toolbar)
        ii. Line Color (icon with paintbrush on draw toolbar)
        iii. Line Style (icon with various lines on draw toolbar)
        iv. Layering (draw, order on draw toolbar)
    j. Grouping-allows you to “glue” objects together—to combine various objects
        into one item.
        i. Items must be selected to group
            1. Select by shift-clicking or
            2. Draw a selection box
            3. Select Group from the Draw menu on the drawing toolbar. (Draw, Group)
    k. Flipping and Rotating Objects
        i. Draw, Rotate of Flip
            1. Also, Free Rotate
    l. Wrap Text
        i. Draw, Text Wrapping (from drawing toolbar) or
        ii. Format Menu, Object
    m. Text Boxes
        i. Create a text box for entering text in drawings
            1. Icon with A and text on drawing toolbar
    n. Word Art
        i.    Cockeyed A on drawing toolbar or
        ii.  Insert/Picture/Word Art

C. Clip Art
    a.  Insert, Picture, Clip Art
        i. can resize by dragging handles
            ii.  Other changes in format, picture menu, or in picture toolbar that comes up
                when picture is selected, or by going to View, Toolbar, Picture

D. Borders and Shading
    a.  Format, Borders & Shading
        i. must have text selected to add border
    b. Page Borders

E. Miscellaneous Other Tools
    a.  Page Breaks
        i.  Insert, Break, Page

F. Headers/Footer
    a.  View/Header and Footer

G. Insert Digital Picture from file/web

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