Word Processing
October 5, 2002

Part 1:  File Management

Open Program
 --Click on Icon on Desktop or
 --Start, Programs, Microsoft Word
New Document
--File, New
--Ctrl N
--New Document icon on tool bar
Save Document
 --File, Save As
 --File, Save
 --Ctrl S
 --Save Icon on tool bar
Open Existing Document
 --File, Open
 --Ctrl O
 --Open Icon on tool bar
Printing Your Document
 --Print Preview
  --File, Print Preview
  --Print Preview Button on Toolbar
 --Print Document
  --File, Print
  --Print button on toolbar
  --Ctrl P
Office Assistant/Help
Part 2:  Editing Text
 Selecting Text
--click and drag mouse over text to highlight it.  Text must be selected to make changes to it.
--Double-click a word to select the word
--click in the left margin to select the line
--Shift, down arrow to select multiple lines
--Ctrl, click to select sentence
--triple-click to select paragraph
--Edit, Select All, Ctrl A, or triple-click left margin to select everything in document
Backspace and Delete Keys
 --backspace/delete key deletes characters to the left of the insertion point
 --Del key deletes characters to the right of the insertion point
 --use to type over existing text—rarely use except by accident
 --Undo allows you to undo recent actions (Edit Undo or Undo Button on toolbar)
 --Redo allows you to redo actions you have undone (Redo Button on toolbar)
 --Cut removes selected text from current location and places a it in the clipboard (Edit, Cut; Ctrl X; or Cut button on toolbar—scissors)
 --Copy makes a duplicate of selected text and places it in the clipboard (Edit, Copy; Ctrl C; or Copy button on toolbar—two pages icon to the right of scissors)
 --Paste places cut or copied items from the clipboard into the document at the insertion point (Edit, Paste, Ctrl V; or Paste button on toolbar—clipboard /page icon to the right of the copy icon)
 --Can right click to select commands
Part 3:  Formatting
 --types of fonts
 --font size
--font style (bold/italics/underline)
--font colors
--Horizontal (left/right/center/justified)
Change Case
 --first line
 --from left & right
Line Spacing (single/double/triple)
Sorting Text
Word Features
 --Auto Correct
 --Auto Format
 --Auto Text
 --Spell/Grammar Checking
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