Developing a Web Page

Using Netscape Composer



I.          BASICS

1.                 Create a new folder.  All files, pages, etc. for web site must be in the same folder.

2.                 New Page

a.      Open Program

b.     Open Netscape Communicator

                                                                          i.      File, New, Blank Page

c.     Open Existing Page

                                                                          i.      File, Open, Page in Composer



1.          Format, Page Properties

a.      Custom Colors, Background for color

b.     Page Background, Image, Choose file for image

                                                                        ii.      must have image downloaded to folder

                                                                      iii.      image must be jpeg or gif format

3.                 Make sure the background provides a good contrast and complements the web page.  Do not use backgrounds that are difficult to read text or that distract from the content of the page.


III.             TEXT

1.     Key text as you normally would

2.     Format text using buttons on composer toolbar

3.     You can also format text using the format menu

4.     Text can be cut/copied/pasted same as in Word

5.     Bullets and Numbering can be used with tools on toolbar

6.     Spell Checker is available on toolbar

7.     Make sure text is readable

                                                              i.      Size

                                                            ii.      Contrast (color)

                                                          iii.      Proofread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IV.          IMAGES

1.                 Locating Images

a.      Must be jpeg or gif

b.     Can be scanned, digital camera

c.     Clip Art

                                                                          i.      Download from web




4.     many sites available—search

                                                                        ii.      MAC—click and hold mouse to bring up menu.  Choose Save this image as, and select web folder

                                                                      iii.      Windows—Right click on mouse to bring up menu Choose Save this image as, and select web folder

2.                 Inserting Images

a.      Place curser where you want image to be

b.     Select Insert, Image from menu or insert image button on toolbar

c.     Locate and select the image file

3.                 Modifying Images

a.      Select Image

b.     Double Click

c.     In Dimensions section, click on custom size and constrain

d.     Change pixel size in height and width adjusts automatically

e.      Change alignment on toolbar as needed

f.       Wrap Images around text

                                                                          i.      Double click on image to bring up the format image dialog box

                                                                        ii.      On the right side is a wrap text button

                                                                      iii.      Choose wrap format from the list by clicking the down arrow button

                                                                     iv.      Wrapped text does not show in composer.  You must save the page and preview in navigator to see wrapped text.


V.          LINKS

          1.          Highlight item to be clicked on to take you to linked page

a.      Can be text or image

2.                 Click on Insert, Link on menu or link button on toolbar (chain)

3.                 Enter url of linked web page where it says “link to”

4.                 Click on choose file to link to another file within your web folder

5.                 Save file and preview in navigator to test links—links do not work in composer


VI.           TABLES

1.                 Tables are used to organize information.

a.      Useful for charts

b.     Useful for aligning images

2.                 Inserting Tables

a.      Insert Table from menu or

b.     Click Table button on toolbar

                                                                          i.      Specify number of rows and columns desired.

                                                                        ii.      Specify border width in pixels—click off to have no border showing in navigator

                                                                      iii.      Specify if you want equal column widths or not

                                                                     iv.      Specify if you want the table to be 100% of the width or if you want another size

                                                                       v.      Format Table Background if desired

1.     can be a color or image

c.     Choose Format, Table Info to make changes after table is set

d.     Add Rows and Columns by Insert, Table, Row or Column

e.      Delete Rows and Columns by choosing Edit, Delete Table, and picking from the list

f.       Format Table Cell by selecting Format, Table Info.

                                                                          i.      Choose Row or Cell tab

                                                                        ii.      Change alignments

                                                                      iii.      Change backgrounds

VII.             OTHER

1.                 Format Page Title—to give page a title that will show up on bookmarks

2.                 Horizontal Line—Insert Horizontal Line, or select button on toolbar—good for dividing sections

3.                 Audio and Video—does not work well in composer