Summer Reading 2002
Join the Winner's Circle--Read!
Mondays, June 3-July 8
Summary of Activities
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June 3, 2002:  Friendship
The first session of Summer Reading opened with six girls attending.  Marsha presented a lesson on friendship.  The girls wrote a letter to a friend, made necklaces and autograph books for their friends to write them notes and sign.

June 10, 2002:  Hobbies
In this session we read a story titled "What was it Like Before Television" and discussed fun things to do instead of watching television.  Activities included playing a variety of games including Uno, Tic Tac Toe, and Hopscotch.

June 17, 2002:  Self-Esteem
Vicki read stories about what makes a person special including "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" and "Quick as a Cricket."  The readers each decorated a Winner's Circle Ribbon necklace with their name and what makes them special, including their fingerprint.  The readers also sang along to the "Happy Birthday" song, since each person's birthday is their special day.

June 24, 2002 Sports
Judy read sports stories including "The Baseball Book" and "Today I am Going Fishing with My Dad."  We played a fingerplay game called "Five Football Players" and played an action game called "Hey, Joe."  The readers then went outside to shoot a basketball, throw a football through a tire, and hit the volleyball over the net.  They each received a trophy with a gold star for their efforts.

July 1, 2002 Multiculturism
Marsha read two stories about different cultures and the readers and each reader made a hand print necklace with the name of a country and learned how to say "Hello" in that country.  Readers then colored a flag for their country and played a game outsdie.

July 8, 2002 Sportsmanship
Judy read the story "I Never Win" by Judy Delton and we talked about ways to support your favorite teams, even if you aren't playing or winning.  We made Pom Poms and Pennants and three high school cheerleaders taught the readers some cheers.  Since this was the final session for Summer Reading, prizes were given to all readers, including T-shirts with the "Join the Winners Circle--Read" logo on the front.

Thanks to all the parents for bringing their children to the library this summer
and to all the young readers in our community.

Click on underlined links to see photos of readers at work and play.