Microsoft Publisher
November 30, 2002
Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software program that allows for the creation of professional looking documents.  Some of the documents that can be prepared are include newsletters, brochures, business cards, business forms, calendars, greeting cards, posters, banners, and more.

To Launch Program:
     Click icon on desktop or Start, Microsoft Publisher
    There are three tabs:
        1. Publications by Wizards:
            a. Wizards ask you questions, then creates a document based upon
                your answersóSample:
                i. To create a Business Card, select business card option
                ii. Select style of card you like
                iii. Click start wizard
                iv. Enter information asked for
                v. Click update when finished
                vi. Follow questions as asked, clicking next as you progress
                vii. Click finish when done
                viii. File, Save As when done

        2. Publications by design:
            a. Used to create a set of designs

        3. Blank Publications
            a. Allows you to create documents from scratch
                i. File, Page Setup to select size of paper
                ii. Arrange, Layout Guides to set up document
                iii. File, Save to save document
                iv. Use layout tools to create document
                v. Pink line is margin, blue line is text line
                vi. Click on Hide Wizard button to hide wizard and make more work
                    room on screen
            b. Create Text
                i. Create a text frame by clicking the button on the layout toolbaró
                --click A button on toolbar, then click and drag size of box you want
                    on the document
                ii. Type & format text in text frame.
                iii. Resize text frame by dragging handles
                iv. Numbers on bottom of screen on status bar indicate location on the
                    screen of the itemócan also specify in the Format, Size & Position Dialog box
                v. Select Text to format itódrag mouse over or Edit, Highlight Entire
                    Story to select all
                vi. Format text as desired (similar to Word)
                vii. Format, Fill Color, Fill Effects to select a background color
                viii. Arrange, Rotate or Flip, to flip or rotate text box
            c. Enter Graphics
                i. Create Picture Frame first
                    1. Use picture frame tool on object toolbar (icon with mountain on it)
                ii. Double click on picture frame or Insert Picture
                iii. Select picture to use
                iv. Choose Preview from drop down list to see pic
                v. Click insert to insert picture
                vi. Click View, Hide Boundaries and Guides to see object without pink
                    and blue lines
            d. Create Columns
                i. Arrange, Layout Guides
                ii. Set margins (if needed)
                iii. Enter number of columns
                iv. Contains a facing page option
            e. Background elements repeat on every page of the document
                i. Includes headers, footers, watermarks, page numbers etc.
                ii. Set up in View, Go to Background

4. Work with Graphics
        i. Create picture frame first
        ii. Insert, Picture, From File or
        iii. Insert, Picture, Clip Art
              1. Can also create a clip art frame to automatically bring up clip art
        iv. Format as desired using format menu or formatting toolbar
        v. Click on picture to drag and move
        vi. Text wraps around picture frame by default.
            To change, go to Format, Picture Frame Properties
            and choose picture only.

5. For more help, use the How to use programs tutorial.

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