Microsoft PowerPoint
November 2 & 9, 2002

PowerPoint helps create professional presentations.


a. Open Program
    i. Click on Icon to open program
    ii. Or Start, Programs, PowerPoint
b. Open Existing Presentation
    i. File, Open
c. Save Presentation
    i. File Save As (first time)
    ii. File Save
d. Close a Presentation
    i. File, Close
    ii. File, Quit
e. Scroll Bars to view slide to slide
a. File, New
b. Slide Layout—includes placeholders that reserve a space in the presentation
    for the type of information you want.  Click the placeholder to add information.
c. Design Templates—background that appears on all slides in a presentation.
    Can only use one design per presentation.
        i. Format, Apply Design Template
d. Insert Clip Art
        i. Double-click placeholder or
        ii. Insert, Picture, Clip Art
        iii. Can Copy & Paste
        iv. Can insert digital pics
e. Add New Slide
        i. Insert, New Slide
        ii. Ctrl, M
f. Views
        i. Normal
        ii. Slide—used to make changes
        iii. Outline—shows outline of content
        iv. Slide Sorter—allows you to rearrange or delete slides
        v. Slide Show—for viewing your show full-screen
g. Printing
        i. File, Print
        ii. Identify what you want to print in Print What box
        1. Slides, Handouts, Notes, Outline
a. Spell Checker works same as in Word
b. Font formats work same as in Word
c. Alignments work same as in Word
d. Bullets work same as in Word; you cannot select a bullet to make changes—
    --you must select the text
a. Determine how one slide is removed from the screen and the next one appears
    i. Slide Show, Slide Transition
        1. Effect—lists effects and speed
        2. Advance—automatically or on mouse click
        3. Sound—adds sound to transitions
            a. Can record your own audio from cd, mic, etc.
        4. Apply applies to selected slide only; Apply to All applies to all slides in presentation
    ii. Animation—allows you to arrange how items are entered into the presentation—
        --all at once, word by word, by letter etc.
            1. Slide Show, Custom Animation
E. VISUAL ELEMENTS:  Use Insert Menu or select layout with placeholder
a. Organization Charts
b. Graphs
c. Tables
d. Drawing Shapes & Obects
i. Use Draw toolbar
e. Text Boxes
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