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Thomas' Kitty Corner!

"I'm just a lucky cat that happened to hit it big." -Thomas


Who is Thomas?    Thomas is the manager of the Johnston Public Library in Baxter Springs, Kansas. 

When was Thomas born?    August 10, 1990.

*Sadly, Thomas passed away on January 28, 2004.  He has been greatly missed by all of his friends.  

Where did Thomas come from?    After his mistress' death, Thomas was taken to a local, privately owned cat shelter.  After having already adopted two cats for her home, the library director met Thomas and then approached the other employees (all cat lovers) about taking him in.  In November of 1992, Thomas was officially adopted by the library. 

Who pays for Thomas' care?    Donations from patrons, a percentage of sales from library gift items & used books, and help from staff members all go towards Thomas' care. 

Is Thomas famous?     Yes! While Thomas is well known by all library patrons and has had his share of press in the local newspapers,  he has also been featured in such publications as "The Library Cat Newsletter", and the "National Examiner". His story was a part of a state library workshop on library cats and he is mentioned in the Iron Frog Productions web site.


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