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Meeting Rooms at EPL
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This is an image of the large meeting room.

When a room is booked, we can set it up according to whatever configuration you require.




The Emporia Public Library has two public meeting rooms available, a large meeting room and a small meeting room. We do not charge for the use of the rooms. The rooms are to be used for non & not-for-profit groups. The purpose of the meeting should be to inform, not to sell or make money, therefore the meeting should be open to the public and not charge the attendees a fee. The rooms must be booked in advance.

The large meeting room has track lighting and a large projector screen for presentations. We have a speaker's podium and an overhead projector. The room holds 60 people in chairs and is 970 square feet.

The small meeting room has a marker board. It holds 12 people and is 233 square feet. Both rooms have access to a kitchenette with a coffee maker and refrigerator. We ask that no food be cooked on site.

To book a meeting room at EPL, contact Craig Carlson or Jeanne Cranz at (620)340-6462.


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