How to Fill out a "Type-enabled" PDF Form

The Questionnaire and Consent forms linked below can be filled out electronically, saved, printed,
and emailed. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

Use this link to connect to Adobe for a free download.

Once you have the right Acrobat Reader:

DOWNLOAD the pdf to your computer. Do not try to edit it through your browser. You need a copy saved right on your local computer and then open it up with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox) will show a little diskette save icon. Don't use File > save, because this saves the webpage instead of the PDF!

Questionnaire PDF   *   Consent form PDF

1. Click the Typewriter Tool button:

2. Click to place the cursor EXACTLY where you want to begin typing. Note in the illustration above, the
text is going to be well above the line. The illustration below shows a better placement. (The dotted line

3. Type carefully. It IS possible to go back and fix errors, but it is awkward.

The typewriter tool creates a text box where ever you first click. The tab key and the Enter/Return key
both work within that text box, but if you are filling out a form, it will be easier to let each line of the
form act as a separate text box. So when you're ready to go to the next line, click in the right spot:

You can SAVE the PDF, with your newly-typed information, at any point. You might want
to save various versions if a file is large.

4. If you MUST go back and change something you've typed earlier, slowly and carefully
move the mouse's cursor over the text that needs to be edited. Watch for the cursor to
change to a black arrow pointer. (See illustration above.) Click, and boundaries will show
up like those shown in the illustration below:

5. A second click on a text box with boundaries gives you an insertion point and you can
safely make changes.