M3_Senate 2004 C

W= Wichita districts 25, 27-30
WJ= Wyandotte and Johnson County districts 4-11, 23, 36

Plan: M3_Senate 2004 C for KLRD TR

PDF maps:

State of Kansas (668KB)
Western Kansas (178KB)
Eastern Kansas (546KB)
Great Bend (85KB)
Sedgwick County (159KB)
Wichita (130KB)
Manhattan, Junction City (137KB)
Topeka (111KB)
Lawrence (270KB)
Wyandotte and Johnson Counties (272KB)
Johnson County (253KB)
Black and White map of entire state (52KB)

PDF Reports:

Population Summary (50K)
District Statistics (86K)
Cities by County by District (166K)
Cities by District by County (134K)
Counties by District (49K)
Districts by County (51K)

Plan Statistics:

District, Population, Deviation, Percent Deviation:
(This information is also available as a pdf.)