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2013-2014 Conference Committee Report Briefs
Links to Kansas Legislature web site



SB 54 Abortion; Medical Emergency; Women's Right-To-Know Act PDF

SB 256 Mistreatment of a Dependent Adult; Mistreatment of an Elder Person; Elder; Sureties; Unlawful Sexual Relations; Appearance Bonds; Kansas RICO Act; Attorney General; Appellate Costs; Courts PDF

SB 265 Taxation; Homestead Refund Program; Withholding; Tax Credits; Livestock; Transparency PDF

SB 271 Medicaid Fraud Control Act; Medicaid Fraud; Severity Levels PDF

SB 311 Non-economic Damage Limits; Expert Testimony; Witness Testimony; Collateral Source Benefits PDF

SB 349 State Government; State Agency; Boiler Inspector; State Fire Marshall; Board of Technical Professions PDF


HB 2057 Taxation; Appraisers; Expensing Deduction; Motor Fuel Tax; Disaster Relief Property Tax Abatements; Liability; Abandoned Property; Community Service Credit PDF

HB 2130 Petition; Petition Circulator; Elections; Ballot Language Statement; Ballot Explanation; Secretary of State; Civil Rights Restored; Advance Ballots; Ballot Question; County Election Officer PDF

HB 2296 Campaign Finance; Lobbyist; Campaign Reports; Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission; Campaign Disclosure Requirements; Death of Candidate; Use of Campaign Funds; Contributor Industry PDF

HB 2303 DUI Related Fees PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2338 Judicial Branch Budget; Docket Fees; Judicial Branch Budget Procedure and Authority; Chief Judge Elections; Judicial Vacancies PDF

HB 2433 Kansas Uniform Securities Act; Criminal Penalties; Elder Persons; Investor Education and Protection; Fraud PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2446 Nonjudicial Salary Adjustment Fund, Court Trustees Operations Fund, Time Limits for Decisions PDF

HB 2447 Real Property; Trespass PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2448 DNA Collection; Interference with Judicial Process; Kansas RICO Act; Justice Reinvestment Act; DUI and Test Refusal Expungement; Jury Conduct PDF

HB 2490 Hard 50 Sentence; Premeditated First Degree Murder; Hard 25 Sentence; Felony Murder; Attempted Capital Murder; Sentence of Death--Commutation or Functional Incapacitation Release; Sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole--Procedures and Release PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2506 Education, Postsecondary Education, Taxation, Employment, State Finance PDF

HB 2537 Insurance; Disclosure of Certain Information; COBRA Continuation; Municipalities; Law Enforcement; State Fair PDF

HB 2568 Kansas Family Law Code; Child Support; Children; Parents PDF

HB 2578 Weapons; Firearms; Knives; Concealed Carry; Open Carry; Local Government Regulation; Forfeiture and Return of Firearms; Firearms Buyback Programs; Criminal Use of Weapons; Criminal Possession of Weapons PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2588 Revised Juvenile Justice Code; Revised Code for Care of Children; Juvenile Adjudication; Juvenile Detention Facilities; Youth Residential Centers; Good Time Credits; Sentencing; Permanent Custodians; Child in Need of Care; Prosecution of Juvenile as Adult; Juvenile Offender Assessment PDF

HB 2596 Retirement; KPERS; State Government; KP&F; Judges; State Employees; Furlough; Disability Benefits PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2693 Commercial Driver’s License; CDL; Community Colleges; Department of Revenue; Technical Colleges PDF




SB 20 Kansas Offender Registration Act PDF  

Sub for SB 57 Animal Health; Poultry Improvement; Domesticated Deer PDF  

House Sub for SB 83 Income Tax Adjusted Basis; Severance Tax Clarification; Sales Tax Nexus; Property Tax Various; Service Fees; Watercraft PDF 

SB 96 Motor Vehicles; Motor Vehicle Registration Fees; Motor Vehicle Registration Facilities; County Treasurer PDF

SB 102 Second Amendment; Firearms; State Officials; Federal Officials PDF 

SB 122 Unauthorized Voting Disclosure; Elections; Poll Agents PDF  

SB 124 Kansas Restraint of Trade Act; Federal Harmonization; Reasonable Restraints; Damages PDF

SB 129 Monthly Mortgage Rate Interest Cap; Freddie Mac PDF 

SB 164 Motor Vehicles; Vehicle Administration Functions; Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration; Counties; Contracts PDF  

SB 168 Agriculture and Natural Resources; Civil Matters PDF 

SB 171 Appropriations PDF 

SB 187 Workers Compensation; Boards; Committees; Employment Security; Unemployment Insurance  PDF  

SB 199 Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center; University of Kansas Medical Center; Utilization of Unused Medications Act; Health PDF 



HB 2009 Driver’s License; License; Suspension; Restricted License; Fee; Courts PDF

HB 2015 Domestic Relations; Marital Property; Dissolution of Marriage; Service of Process; Support Orders PDF

Sub HB 2017 Criminal Procedure; Appeals of Municipal Court and District Magistrate Judgments; Search Warrants; Reporting of Pornographic Materials Seized or Documented as Evidence; KBI PDF

Sub HB 2024 Roofing; Contractor; Subcontractor; Registration; Attorney General PDF

HB 2025 Joint Committee; Home and Community Based Services; Kancare Oversight; Robert G. Bethell; Health; Aging; Disability; Medicaid PDF

HB 2033 Knives; Knife; Municipality; School District; Jails; Juvenile Detention Facilities; Weapon; Criminal Use of Weapons; Throwing Star PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2034 Human Trafficking; Human Trafficking Advisory Board; Attorney General; Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund; Commercial Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Staff Secure Facilities; Selling Sexual Relations; Buying Sexual Relations; Department for Children and Families; Department of Labor; Revised Code for Care of Children; Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code; Civil Forfeiture PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2043 Attorney General; Representation of the State in Civil and Criminal Proceedings; Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty PDF

HB 2049 Voting Crimes; Elections Crimes; Elections; Secretary of State; Attorney General; County Attorneys; District Attorneys; Appearance bonds; Out-of-State surety; Criminal Procedure; DNA Evidence; Kansas Bureau of Investigation PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2052 Firearms; Weapons; Concealed Carry; Concealed Handgun; Firearm Discharge; Municipal Building; State Building; State Capitol; Adequate Security Measures; School District; Law Enforcement Officer; Exemptions; Personal and Family Protection Act; Records PDF

HB 2059 Sales and Use Tax, Income Tax Rates, Standard Deductions, Itemized Deductions PDF

HB 2078 Veterans; Military; Licensure and Certification; Licensing Body; Educational Requirements PDF

HB 2081 Kansas Consumer Protection Act; Kansas Code of Civil Procedure; Temporary Restraining Orders and Temporary Injunctions; Poverty Affidavits; Redemption of Real Property; Civil Forfeiture PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2093 Crimes and Criminal Procedure; DNA Testing; Felony Murder; Computer Crimes; Identity Theft; Wayne Owen PDF

Sub for HB 2105 Business, Industry, Commerce, and Labor; Employers and Employees; Taxation PDF

HB 2107 Insurance; Electronic Notices; State High Risk Pool; Mandate Lite Health Benefit Plan Act PDF

HB 2109 Education, Pornography, Public Libraries, Children PDF

HB 2120 Crimes and Criminal Procedure; DNA Evidence; Commencement of Criminal Prosecution; Gambling; Raffle; Possession of Firearm in Commission of a Drug Felony PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2140 Education; Kansas Reads to Succeed Act PDF

HB 2162 Use of State Appropriated Moneys; Gun Control PDF

HB 2164 Juries; Prospective Juror Citizenship Information; Grand Juries PDF

Sub HB 2183 Health; Kansas Department of Health and Environment; Infectious and Contagious Diseases; Office of Laboratory Services Operating Fund; Kansas Health Information Technology Act; Medical Assistance Recovery Program PDF

Senate Sub for HB 2199 Alcoholic Liquor; Rules and Regulations; Samples; Club and Drinking Establishment Act; Licenses, Kansas Liquor Control Act PDF

HB 2201 Telecommunications; Kan-Ed; Deregulation; Kansas Corporation Commission; Study Committee; Kansas Universal Service Fund; KUSF; Internet Protocol; Lifeline Service; Board of Regents PDF

HB 2204 Judicial Branch; Surcharge to Fund Non-judicial Personnel PDF

HB 2213 KPERS; Retirement; Pensions; Divorce PDF

HB 2216 Joint Committee on Arts and Cultural Resources; Joint Committee on Economic Development; Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy; Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments and Benefits; Joint Committee on Special Claims Against the State; Legislative Education Planning Committee; Joint Committee Elimination PDF

HB 2218 Driving Under the Influence; Boating Under the Influence; DUI PDF

HB 2234 Turnpike; KDOT; Bonds; Highways; Repeal PDF

HB 2249 City Annexation; Fire District; Taxation; Property Tax; Tax Refund; Solid Waste Disposal; Recycling; Yard Waste; Health and Environment Historic Property; Environs; Historic Reviews; Kansas Historical Society PDF

HB 2253 Abortion; Abortion Services; Fertilization; Down Syndrome; Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions; Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions; Prenatal Test; Tax Credits; Bodily Function; Web Sites; Gender Abortion PDF

HB 2261 Education; Celebrate Freedom Week; Bullying Policies PDF

HB 2319 Education; Coalition of Innovative Districts Act PDF

HB 2339 Insurance; Law Enforcement Officers; Continuation of Coverage PDF

HB 2363 Agriculture and Natural Resources; Permits; Water; Local Government; Licenses, Permits, and Registrations; Administrative Rules and Regulations; Department of Agriculture; Department of Health and Environment PDF