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Welcome to the Kansas Lawmaker CD Support Site

The information in this web site will help give you an idea about the Kansas Lawmaker CD and its intended use.  Additional features are provided to assist teachers and other users. 

Home - returns you to the home page for this web site.

Preview - examples of Kansas Lawmaker graphics that students will see and use.

Objectives - information on what age and grade level  the Kansas Lawmaker CD targets and what students will learn.

Legislative Issues - information about two specific issues of special interest for middle school/junior high students, designed to motivate the learner to explore the process of making a bill into a law.

Contact Info - information on how to contact various support representatives.

Teacher's Guide - an online version of the Teacher's Guide provided with the Kansas Lawmaker CD (in PDF format).

User's Guide - an online version of the User's Guide provided with the Kansas Lawmaker CD (in PDF format).

Links - Internet sites that provide useful information to supplement studentsí study of the Kansas legislative process and aid in understanding the American political process.

Copies of the Kansas Lawmaker CD -ROM were distributed to all public, private and parochial schools in Kansas.  Multiple copies were provided to middle schools.  Also all Kansas Public Libraries were given a copy.

Please check these sources to access Kansas Lawmaker.  There is no prohibition in making a copy of the CD-ROM (or ask the school or library to do it for you).  The Kansas Legislature wants the product to be available and used by all Kansans.