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Kansas Lawmaker Internet Resources

The following Internet sites provide useful information to supplement students’ study of the Kansas legislative process and aid in understanding the American political process. Sites marked with an asterisk (*) are particularly useful resources. As you consider which sites to use, keep the following issues in mind.

• Does the site include—in a readily accessible format—the source of posted information, as well as the creator and publisher?

• Is the last update of the site indicated? Do we know the extent of the changes that were made when it was last updated?

• Is the quality of the material appropriate for educational use?

• Is the site functional? Is the site indexed? Do extraneous images slow downloading?

Sites for Evaluating Sources

"Checklist for Evaluating Web Sites," Canisius College Library & Internet.

"Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools," Olin Kroch Uris Libraries.

Kansas Governmental, Historical, and Cultural Sites

*Kansas’ official homepage. Information on state agencies, legislature, professional associations, business, and education.

Kansas State Historical Society. An award-winning site. Links to resources for researching Kansas history, Kansas State Historical Society publications, and Kansas historical sites.


State of Kansas Geographic Information Systems Initiative’s Data Access & Support Center. Interactive maps portraying the people, cultures, and places of Kansas.


Resources on Kansas and the Old West—books, teaching aids, videotapes, and other items.


*Washburn University Law Library’s Kansas Web site. Links to sites with information on Kansas history, educational institutions, cities, business, entertainment, and special interest groups.


Kansas Collection, University of Kansas. Links to full texts of writings by Kansans of the mid-nineteenth century and brief descriptions of those works.


Oregon-California Trails Association. Well-researched and constructed site. Includes links to emigrants, publications, preservation, education, tourism, genealogy, and trail facts, maps, stories, graves, and photos.


Santa Fe Trail site. Valuable links to the trail’s history and literature and to other Kansas historical sites.


Kansas City regional history homepage created by UMKC. Useful resources on Kansas City, including census data and railroad history.


*Award-winning site of the Kansas State Library’s Internet system, Blue Skyways. Extensive information about Kansas communities, education, government, and libraries. Unique resources including the Kansas Constitution, state publications, and home pages for government agencies, libraries, schools, and communities statewide.


A partner of the Kansas State Library’s site. Links to Kansas historical sites by categories. Information about Kansas communities, counties, history, poetry, and museums.


Information on the Eisenhower Presidential Library.


Award-winning Civil War site. Comprehensive resources on various aspects of the Civil War, including some Kansas-related sites.


University of Virginia site on "Kansas Territory: Crucible of American Experience"


National Park Service page on Brown v. The Topeka Board of Education. Extensive background material on "Kansas and the African-American Public School Experience, 1855–1955" and descriptions of corresponding cases.


West Web, a City University of New York site. Interesting links on the history and culture of the American West.


Emporia State University’s Great Plains Studies site. Good links to other sites.


Emporia State University Teaching History site. Helpful links to resources for teaching history.


National Archives and Records Administration site. Digital Classroom links provide resources and activities for educators and students.


Kansas Heritage Center for Family and Local History site. Interesting links to Old West Kansas and Kansas prairie sites.


Federal Sites


The federal judiciary site


The U.S. Supreme Court archives


*A useful site for teachers and students on the U.S. Congress. Excellent for comparison of state and federal systems.


Information on Congressional activities, including status on current bills.


The U.S. federalism Web site.


U.S. Census Bureau: The Official Statistics.


*U.S. State and Local Gateway. An excellent link to many state and federal sites.


Two important agencies in the federal bureaucracy:  NASA and EPA.


Important documents from the first century of the U.S. government (1774-1873)


Related Sites


The role of the modern media in politics.


A useful site for researching American public opinion.

America’s two major political parties: Democratic and Republican.

Two important interest groups—the National Rifle Association and the American Association of Retired People.

Campaign finance reform.

Political participation in America, including voter turnout and participation statistics.

Recent political campaigns

A collection of election statistics from previous elections.

Speeches of past presidents.

The White House Web site

The American historical experience as chronicled by the American Memory Project.

Allows students to cast a "virtual vote" on bills and amendments before Congress and then to compare their decisions with actual votes. Contains excellent summaries on pending legislation and timely political topics.


Media Sites


The New York Times on the Web


The Washington Post


U.S. News Online


CNN Interactive