2013-2014 Committees

Executive Secretary, Barb Bahm
SLMD Chair, Sheri Roberts
KSDE Information Management Specialist
Jackie Lakin
State Library of Kansas Board Representative
Martha House
Governmental Affairs
KLA Liaison, Debbi Maddy
K-NEA Liaison,
KRA Liaison, Kathy Frederking
KAECT Liaison, Dusti Howell

Region IX Director (AASL), ALA/AASL Liaison Cindy Pfeiffer

AASL Affiliate Assembly Recording Secretary, Juanita Jameson

Projects: Mary Butel
SLIM Liaison, Andrew Smith
Summer Institute for School Librarians, Mirah Dow

KLFA Liaison, Diane Leupold

Kansas Library Conference Futures, Barb Bahm
KS Library Conference Program Planner, Nancy McFarlin
WAW Book Selection Committee Members
Bev Buller, Chair
Georgia Sweetwood 11-13
Suzanne Murray 12-14
Julie Detter 13-15
Webmaster, Martha House
Wiki, Kay Good




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Last updated: August 24, 2013