Stark Friends Church in Stark, Kansas
  Stark Friends Church

  Stark, Kansas

1990 Population: 79
  - 1980 Population 143
ZIP Code: 66775
Area Code: 620
Elevation: 1050 feet
Latitude: 37 ° 41' 24" N
Longitude: 95 ° 8' 34" W
Neosho County
Located in northeastern Neosho [NO] County, downtown Stark consists of the Stark State Bank, a cafe, Richwine's General Store, the Friends Church, the United Methodist Church, and a Post Office.  State highway K-201 connects Stark going west to K-39, and another paved road comes into town from the North connecting to K-39.

Places to see in Stark

The old school in Stark, Kansas

This nicely maintained school building is no longer a school, but is used for school reunions.  Each year on Memorial Day weekend, all classes come home and have a great time reconnecting.  The gatherings are always on Friday and Saturday with the Alumni Banquet Saturday evening in the High School gym.

The alumni have been responsible for 98% of the marvelous renovation of the old building, inside and out.  In preparation for the 2000 reunion "the volunteers finished the last classroom upstairs in the main building.  We also painted the entire upstairs concrete flooring which includes the bathrooms."

The school is also used throughout the year by other organizations as well.  The Grant Community Club has an active membership and holds monthly meeting/suppers and other activities throughout the year besides helping to keep the building in good condition after the renovations.  The local 4-H club holds their meetings in the school building in a room they renovated.

The high school started in the present building in l929 and ended with consolidation with Erie in l967.  Classes K-8 continued through school year 1985-1986 before moving to Erie.

Places to eat in Stark
Cherokee's Grill  
Shopping in Stark
Richwine's General Store   (620) 754-3222
Banking in Stark
Stark State Bank in Stark, Kansas
Bank of Commerce   (620) 754-3232
Churches in Stark
Friends Church
United Methodist Church

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