Potwin Kansas


City of Potwin

Elevation: 1340 feet

Latitude: N 37°56.372

Longitude: W 97° 01.202

Population: 433

City of Potwin

209 N. Randall

Potwin Kansas 67123



Located in Butler County (BU), Potwin is a bedroom community to the city of Wichita. Potwin maintains old fashion values and enjoys the economic productivity and quality of life of a metropolitan city. Potwin boasts the second lowest tax base in the County and our location on K196, between I-135 and the Kansas Turnpike (I-35), affords us an advantageous location for motor freight shipments. It also places us within 30 minutes of Wichita and 3 hours of Kansas City.

With permission from neighboring farmers, a hunter can find in one area almost any species of game he would care to hunt, including pheasant, quail, prairie chicken, dove, deer, migratory birds, fox, raccoon, coyotes, turkey and cottontail rabbits.

The Potwin community is a quiet town with clean air and caring people who are interested in community development. You will come away from a visit to Potwin with more than you leave here. We invite you to join us as we pave the way into the twenty first century.

The annual Watermelon Festival is August 18. You can find updated information on the Facebook page.