Children's library in the Marquette Community Library, Marquette, Kansas


(785) 546-2561
121 N. Washington
Marquette, KS 67464
Outside view of the Marquette Community Library, Marquette, Kansas

*   Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday   10-12 & 2-5

*   Materials & Services

  • Books - approximately 7800
  • Magazines - 44 subscriptions
  • Interlibrary Loan - Books not available locally are offered through the South Central Kansas Library System.
  • Large Print Books - large selection
  • Rotating Collection - The SCKLS provides 350-450 books each month.
  • Microfilm of Marquette Tribune since 1889
  • Pre-school Story Hour - September through May on the second Wednesday of the each month.
  • Summer Reading Program - Books, crafts, and stories for pre-school and grade school aged children.

*   Policies

Checkout for two weeks
Up to 4 books per patron  Includes magazines

*   Staff

Donna Elvin, Librarian

*   History

Teller's Cage in the Marquette Community Library, Marquette, Kansas It all started in 1964 when a group of club ladies from Marquette Women's Literary Club launched a book drive with a campaign slogan, "Read More In 64". There was a need then for a library so the children could carry on their reading in the summer when school was closed and to answer the reading interest among the adults. The MWL club sent representation to the State Library Association in Topeka. A library planning committee consisting of Mrs. LaRue Olson, Mrs. Bertis Wickstrom, Mrs. Gertrude Shields and Mrs. Melvin Hopp began work.

Gift books and other contributions began to pour in from people and organizations in the community. It is difficult to name all who helped because for fear of leaving anyone out, but the Boy Scouts, Starlight Literary Club, Marquette Modern Homemakers, American Legion, Rebekah Lodge and others took active part. April 1, 1964, the library opened with 600 gift books to loan. The first building to house the collection is now the Ulher Memorial.

Vault In 1973, the library was moved into the vacant Marquette Bank building A librarian was hired on a regular basis. Membership in the South Central Kansas Library System brought many positive changes. Services expanded along with the number of books on the shelves. The bank building, which was built in 1887, still features the lovely old hard wood bank fixtures–even the vault (which houses old copies of The Marquette Tribune). This interesting setting for a library is our library's theme. The building is equipped with modern lighting, central heat and air, wood panelling and carpeting.

Member, South Central Kansas Library System

Information supplied by Rosalie Greenup

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