1860 TO 1867

As Transcribed for the Osage County Genealogical Society in February, 1982, by Florence Green Stout and Sarah Walker-Hitt. Later additions added by Sarah Walker-Hitt, May, 1996.

The following marriages have two sources. Most came from the original "certificates" that were slips of papers ministers and Justices of the Peace turned into the County stating the marriage had taken place. Since no form was used, the amount of information was evidently left up to whoever performed the ceremony. Those marked with an asterick* came from an unmarked ledger discovered at the Osage County courthouse. All of the above mentioned slips were recorded in this book as well as the additional marriages marked.

Near the back of the book after many blank pages, a list of what appears to be declarations of marriage of "colored persons" which in those days could have included American Indians as well as African Americans. This list is also contained in this publication on the last page. These names are not in the Probate Judge's index of marriages as of May 1996.

Note: The records without the * are included in the Probate Judge's index of marriages (as of May 1996) although some spellings may have been judged differently.

AVERY, AndrewWilliamsport (Shawnee Co.)21 Apr 1867-
DEPELAIN, Eugenia(Same)Ridgeway20
[Filed 2 May 1867, signed Thomas Playford, Probate Judge]
AKINS, R. J.Osage County10 Aug 1861-
KESTER, Malissa AnnWabunsa Co. KansasNot Given15
No file date given
AKINS, R. J.Osage County18 Jan 1866-
JONES, RebeccaBurlingamenot given12
Filed 9 Apr 1866 by N. Curtis, County Clerk]
ANDERSON, ObadiahNot Given9 Mar 1862-
WOODARD, Mary J.Not GivenNot Given8
[Filed 14 Apr 1862 - notation of 50 cents filing fee enclosed) Note: See WHITE & WOODARD
BAIRD, Robert A.Not Given21 Apr 1862-
HILLS, Hattie M.Not GivenBurlingame3
[Filed 16 Apr 1862]
*BELLAMY, James YoungNot Given1 Jun 1865-
HOOK, Sarah ElizabethNot GivenNot Given4
[Filed 21 Jun 1865]
BERRY, James FranklinNot Given16 Nov 1862-
McGEE, Sophia MaryNot GivenSabbath morning at Bride's mother's house in Richardson.3
(On original transcription, the name BISLIEY and McCONNELL was here.
(From the book it seems plainly: REILLY & McCONNELL as listed in this list.)
BRATTON, Robert AllisonBurlingame28 Dec 1865-
KINNEY, Sophronia AugustaBurlingameBurlingame12
BRINK, Abner W.Lyon Co. Kansas1 Jan 186710
SIMS, Mary JaneBurlingameMrs. Black's residence-
[Filed 15 July 1867 by N. Curtis, County Clerk]
BROWN, James W.Burlingame23 Mar 1862-
DAVIS, Maria T.Williamsport (Shawnee Co.)Ridgeway2
BURDICK, D. B.Superior Township9 Mar 1864-
MERRITT, EmilySuperior TownshipNot Given15
DENNING, Friend A.Not Given8 Mar 1864-
BROWNLEE, Anna M.Not GivenNot Given1
DOWNEY, JohnSuperior Township18 Aug 1865-
HOOK, Susan AnnOsage CountyNot Given4
*DREW, Lt. William J.Co. I, 11th Reg. RV24 Sep 1863-
POMROY, Martha Hellen, daughter of J.S. POMROY of BurlingameBurlingameNot Given-
[Filed 12 Oct 1863]
DUBOIS, HarrisonNot Given21 Sep 18623
TISDALE, VictoriaNot GivenHome of Peter Kirby, Esq.-
FERRY, DwightTopeka9 Apr 1863-
YOUNG, ElizabethOsage CountyNot Given1
[Filed 16 May 1863 by A.S. Cleland, County Clerk]
FOULTZ, Martin L. Not Given7 Feb 1866-
HEBERLING, Rebeca L.Not GivenRidgeway14
Witnesses: J.B. Jackson & George Kiel
[Filed 29 June 1866]
GARDNER, George B.Burlingame19 Oct 1865-
McMASTERS, JaneBurlingameNot Given10
{Filed 10 Apr 1866]
GOODIER, Lt. Charles H.Not Given31 Oct 1866-
POMEROY, Mary E.Not GivenBurlingame3
GOODIER, H.A.Superior Twp.2 Oct 186610
SMITH, Martha J.Superior Twp.H.C. Sheldon's house in Superior-
[Filed 4 Oct 1866 by N. Curtis, County Clerk]
HALL, John (age 30)Ridgeway21 Mar 1867-
McCAN, Sarah Ann (age 24)RidgewayRidgeway14
HEDERSTROM, Alfred (age 30)Sweden28 Apr 1863-
BOCKEL, Caroline Louisa (age 28)GermanyBurlingame11
HILLS, Silas N.Not Given30 Apr 1863-
DUTTON, Alice M.Not GivenBurlingame3
HOOVER, Lt. L.W.Burlingame3 Dec 1864-
MARPLE, Clara H.Not GivenBurlingame12
[Filed 18 Jan 1865 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk]
HULBURT, A. N.Burlingame10 Mar 1865-
GALLIGAN/GULLIGAN, AmariahBuffalo, New YorkBurlingame12
KRAUSE, MorrisRidgeway Twp.8 Jan 1867 (evening)-
KITTENBERG, Pepsy(?)Ridgeway Twp.Residence of Hiram REILLY at Ridgeway.5
LAIRD, Thomas W.Not Given14 Dec 1864-
JONES, HuldahSuperiorNot Given11
[Filed 16 Dec 1864 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk]
LAWRENCE, W. W. H.Franklin Co., Kansas25 Dec 18629
SCHUYLER, SallieBurlingameHome of Judge P.C. Schuyler at Burlingame-
[Filed 25 Dec 1862 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk & A.N. Cleland, Deputy]
LONG, David H.Osage County11 Oct 1866-
STOVALL, Mary E.Osage CountyNot Given14
Witnesses: Daniel MILLER, John H. STOVALL, Jesse LONG.
[Filed 16 Oct 1866 by N. Curtis, Co. Clerk]
MEAD, James H.Not Given1 Dec 18613
BARCOME, AgnesNot GivenResidence of Cob TITUS at Burlingame-
MELTON, William AlexanderNot Given16 Jan 1862-
BECKES, Roxana AlexanderNot GivenNot Given1
[Filed 20 Jan 1862]
MERCER, Lt. EdmundBurlingame17 July 1865 (Evening)-
RAMBO, Isabella E.BurlingameNot Given3
[Filed 20 Jan 1865]
MILLER, DanielRidgeway1 Nov 1865-
STOVALL, Sarah MargaretNot GivenRidgeway Twp.14
Witnesses: William MILLER, John H. STOVALL]
[Filed 6 Nov 1865 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk]
PERRILL, George W.Osage County18 Oct 1863-
TODD, Louisa P.Osage CountyNot Given7
[Filed 23 Dec 1863 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk]
POLLEY, AlbertNot Given28 Jul 1861-
McDONALD, Mrs. Margarette M.Not GivenNot Given3
[Filed 16 Sep 1861 by Geo. M. Barns, Co. Clerk]
POLLEY, JohnNot Given4 June 1860-
FLINN, MaryNot GivenBurlingame17
[Filed 22 July 1861 by Geo. M. Barns, Co. Clerk]
*POPE, AugustHavana7 June 1862-
ACKENKAMP, AnnHavanaCity of Havana4A
[Filed 13 June 1862]
*REILLY, John L.Ridgeway Twp.23 Aug 1865-
McCONNELL, Mary E.Ridgeway Twp.Not Given5
Note: This marriage was transcribed as BISLIIEY instead of REILLY on original list.]
RIFENBARK, JohnSuperior23 Jan 1860-
THOMPSON, HannahSuperiorNot Given13
[Filed 22 Feb 1861 by Geo. M. Barns, Co. Clerk]
ROE, George W.Not Given15 Oct 1860-
ROE, Nancy J.Not GivenNot Given17
[Filed 19 Oct 1860 by John Rambo, Co. Clerk & A.N. Hulbard, Deputy)
RUBOW, CharlesBurlingame21 May 1862-
FINN, Hermenia M.Osage CountyNot Given21
RUBOW, HenryNot Given6 Jul 1862-
RATELMYER, ThirisiaNot GivenNot Given18
Witnesses: John Albach and Pat Shortly
SCHERMEZER, Henry FrederickLeavenworth City30 May 1863-
ENDBRINK, Paulina RosinaBurlingameRes. of Bride's Father16
[Filed 7 July 1863 by F.S. Cleland, Co. Clerk]
SEMAN, John W.Not Given14 Jan 1867-
HOPPER, AmandaNot GivenRidgeway14
[Filed 23 Jan 1867 by N. Curtis, Co. Clerk]
SHEPARD, Henry D.Wilmington, Waubaunse Co.14 Nov 186512
DUTTON, DaphneBurlingameBride's Parents'Home-
SMITH, Wm. H.Burlingame10 Apr 1866-
CRUMB, HellenSuperiorRes. of C.C. Crumb10
[Filed 6 Sep 1866 by N. Curtis, Co. Clerk]
SPINA, Andrew S.Not Given1 July 1863-
DORMAN, Frances C.Not GivenSuperior11
[Filed 7 July 1863]
STOVALL, Silas W.Ridgeway17 Sep 1865-
GRAMES, LucindaNot GivenRidgeway Twp.14
Witnesses: Thomas KEMP & Sarah A. KEMP
THOMPSON, ThomasAuburn, Shawnee Co. Kansas11 Feb 1866-
HARVEY, RachelWabaunsee Co., KansasBurlingame12
[Filed 9 Apr 1866 by N. Curtis]
WEAVER, Thomas F. (age 33)Co. D, 2nd Reg., Colorado Cavalry17 Mar 1865-
ROOKS, Emily J. (age 17)Osage CountySuperior19
WEBB, J. Q.Not Given12 July 1865-
MILLER, AmyNot GivenRidgeway Twp.14
[Filed 18 Jul 1866]
WEST, JohnKansas City1 Nov 1865-
ATCHISON, EupherniaRidgewayBurlingame12
WHITE, Harison T.Not Given9 Mar 1862-
WOODARD, Anna E.Not GivenNot Given8
[Filed 14 Apr 1862]
WHITNEY, RufusLawrence, Kansas27 Sep 1866 (Thursday)-
DANIELS, RebecaBurlingameBurlingame12
[Filed 20 Oct 1866 by N. Curtis]
*WILD, IraWilmington, Waubunsee Co.9 Dec 1863-
MILLER, Mrs. JuliettWilmingtonBurlingame12
[Filed 10 Dec 1863]
Note: This marriage was originally transcribed as WALD in 1865
WILLIAMS, Thomas L.Topeka25 Jul 1861-
FLUNY?, Mary AnnTopekaBurlingame6


These names are NOT included in the Probate Judge's Index of Marriages as of May 1996. All of the seven couples mentioned below had the same worded "declaration." No maiden names of the wives were given.

Burlingame, Kansas


This is to certify that ---- and ----, (colored persons) of ----, Osage County, State of Kansas, personally appeared before me, and acknowledge themselves to be man and wife.

Attest. Norman Curtis, County Clerk

1. Moses TURNER and Melinda TURNER of Burlingame -- 27 Feb 1866

2. Henry LOCKE and Mary LOCKE of Ridgeway -- 10 Mar 1866

3. Daniel FORD and Emily FORD of Superior -- 12 Mar 1866

4. John BENING and Angelina BENING of Burlingame 6 Apr 1866

5. Isaac LAMB and Martha LAMB of Burlingame Township -- 10 May 1866

6. Henry WEITZEL and Locelia (?) WEITZEL of Burlingame Township -- 23 Jun 1866

7. George ERVIN and Amanda ERVIN of Burlingame Township -- 25 Jun 1866

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