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Kinsley, Kansas

Founded: 1873 Population: 1875 (1990)
Elevation: 2170 feet   School District: USD 347  
ZIP code: 67547 Latitude: 37 55' 23" N
Area Code: 620 Longitude: 99 24' 34" W
Edwards County
For more information about Kinsley and Edwards County visit Edwards County Economic Development Corp.
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thin red line
    Kinsley is the county seat of Edwards [ED] County. It calls itself the "Midway City" because, according to the sign in the roadside park, it's 1561 miles from both New York and San Francisco. During the thirties, the cover on one issue of the Saturday Evening Post featured this sign. The town is located near the junction of Coon Creek and the Arkansas River. The river south of here could be jumped by a moderately athletic person.

Downtown Kinsley is really compact with narrow streets. The main street, Sixth Street where the Carnival Mall is, is one-way. City Hall, near downtown is fairly new. South of downtown along highway 183, there is a large city park and fairgrounds. Along East Seventh Street there are many large older homes.

Kinsley has both a country club (south of town) and a trap club (at the airport).

  • The stone and yellow brick Edwards County Courthouse has a neat little decorative balcony over the front doors. It's well away from downtown at 3rd & Massachusetts; you have to cross the tracks and US-56.
  • There is a roadside park in Kinsley where US-50 and 56 join. It has the Edwards County museum, AT&SF steam locomotive #3424, an old church, and a sod house. The church used to be at Centerview south of Lewis. The park also has a red stone DAR marker about the Santa Fe trail, picnic tables, playground equipment, and public rest rooms.
  • The train station at Kinsley is not used anymore but it is a baroque confection of stone and brick that surely was once a source of great local pride.
  • The Palace Theatre on Sixth Street is still in business.
  • Local artists Bruce White, woodcarver, [659-2514] and John Winter, glassblower, [659-2225] will demonstrate their crafts.
  • East of Kinsley on US 50, there is a historical marker describing the battle of Coon Creek. When you stop, notice the unusual little hills around. They look like little sand dunes covered with grass.


Kinsley is on the Santa Fe trail near where it divides into the "Wet" and "Dry" routes. The army fought a battle against Indians near here at the 1848 batle of Coon Creek to protect this route. The soldiers used "new-fangled" breechloading rifles to defeat the attacking Indians; this seems to be the first use of breechloaders in combat by United States troops.

The town was founded by emigrants from Massachusetts in 1873; they named it for E. W. Kinsley of Boston. Edwards County is named for W. C. Edwards, who built a block of brick buildings in early downtown Kinsley.


*Special Events

  • Coon Creek Bluegrass Festival
  • Midway Days



  • Edwards County Historical Society Museum   (620) 659-2420
    10:00 AM - 5:00 PM May - September
    Highway 56-50 / Kinsley, KS 67547

Chamber of Commerce
(620) 659-3642
108 E. 6th / Kinsley, KS 67547

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