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Helen Rhodes, Librarian
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January 2, 2008


Greetings! Thank you for visiting the Jennings City Library. We are a small but resourceful library in Decatur County. Located on Kansas Avenue in downtown Jennings. Our library is proud to be a part of the Northwest Kansas Library System which is located 25 miles east of Jennings in Norton, Kansas.

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Library Board Members


The Jennings City Library board consists of 7 members, appointed by the City Council members and a Northwest Kansas Library Representative. The Board members serve a term of 4 years and can serve two consecutive terms. The NWKLS Representative also serves a four year term and can be appointed by the county representatives to serve on the Executive Board of NWKLS.

The following are the current Board Members:

  • Violet Krizek, Chairperson
  • Kathy Nauer, Sec-Treasurer
  • Becky Carter
  • Diane Carter
  • Melinda Fleckenstein
  • Paula Bolt
  • Ramona Shaw
  • Collection and Policies


    Our collection consists of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Periodicals and Videos. We participate in NWKLS Interlibrary Loan Program traditionally and via E-Mail. 
    Our Policies on items being checked out are: 2 weeks for books to our patrons and 3 weeks on ILL materials.
    Periodicals may be checked out for a 1 week time period.
    Videos may be checked out for a 2 day time period.
    We do accept ILL requests via e-mail and participate in the  Online ILL program.

    E-Mail Address and Phone Number

    The Jennings City Library can be reached by e-mail at
    Our mailing address:

    Jennings City Library
    P.O. Box 84
    Jennings, Kansas 67643
    Phone number: 785-678-2666

    About Jennings
    "CZECH Us Out"

    The city of Jennings is located on Kansas Highway 383. Our town is just west of the location formerly known as "Slab City". Being a town of Czechoslovakian descent, our theme is "Czech us out". We are a farming community with an approximate population of 180.

    Jennings has  several  businesses to serve you. We offer a bar & grill a grocery store, one grain elevator that offers self-serve fuel pumps,  a bank,  a satellite clinic for health care, a volunteer ambulance service and volunteer fire department and a wealth of history.

    History of Jennings City Library

    The city library began as a personal collection of Mrs. Margaret Underwood. Mrs. Underwood was very well educated and her chief goal was to see that the public had good books to read. She became the inspiration for the community to start a city Library. The first home of the library was in the reception room of the local dentist Dr. W.H. Liggit.

    In April of 1931 a proposition was made at the regular city election to levy 3/4 of a mill to establish and maintain a public library. The proposition was approved by the citizens.

    As the collection expanded it was moved throughout the homes of various people until 1945. On September 5, 1945 the Jennings City Library was moved to its present location in the new Jennings City Hall. In honor of the newly acquired home, an Open House was held. The library has undergone several improvements since the original open house. The city's mill levy has helped to make these improvements possible.

     Almost 50 years later in August of 1995 another Open House was held to commemorate the 50th year and the recent purchase of a computer system. The computer system is the link of this small midwest town to the information superhighway and the entire world!

     The library  continues to be a vital resource in the community.