Litson's store in downtown Gove, Kansas


Founded: 1886
ZIP code: 67736
Area Code: 785 
Elevation: 2634 ft.
Population: 103 (1990)
Latitude: 38° 57' 28" N
Longitude: 100° 29' 18" W
School District: USD 292   
Gove County
Gove - a.k.a Gove City, the county seat of Gove [GO] county - is very much alive and thriving due to community involvement.  Just drive 10 miles south on K-23 to see the native (quarried in Gove County) stone buildings.

Gove is a town which will survive because those living there and near there have set their goal to keep their town alive.  First, the Gove County Historical Society was formed and purchased the old high school building.  Soon it was developed into the Gove County Historical Museum.  The County Seat Cafe and grocery store built and operated by the community in Gove, Kansas Later, the Gove Community Improvement Association(G.C.I.A.) was formed so that the town could keep its grocery store.  Then the GCIA raised the money, and area citizens donated the labor so that a grocery store and The County Seat Cafe could be added to the community.

A brief history of Gove

Special Events   Entertainment has always flourished in Gove City, and the tradition continues today as each Old Settlers' Day is marked up with a production of a play, not to mention the parade, games, dinner, and dance. The third Saturday of August is the date for the annual Old Settlers' Day; plan to join us.
Dining   County Seat Cafe   (785) 938-4455 / N. Hwy 23
Library   Gove City Library   (785) 938-2242 / P. O. Box 66
Museum   Gove County Historical Museum   (785) 938-2372
Tours available on Sundays during summer from 2-5 p.m.
Churches   Gove Bible Baptist Church   (785) 938-2204 / Broad St.
United Methodist Church / Broad St.
Downtown Gove, Kansas

Flea Market and Arcade   (785) 938-2375 / Broad St.  Open 1-5
GCIA Grocery   (785) 938-4466 / Broad St.
Litson's   (785) 938-2375 / 27 Broad St.
Clubs & Organizations   GFWC Clotilda Club   (785) 938-2375
Senior Center   (785) 938-2234 / 3rd & Sherman
City Hall   (785) 938-2311 / P. O. Box 14
Emergency Numbers
Ambulance 754-2100
Fire 938-2398
Sheriff 938-2250
Gove County Courthouse / 520 Washington
Appraiser-520 Washington -938-2301
Clerk-520 Washington -938-2300
Clerk of District Court- Broad St.-938-2310
Commissioners-520 Washington -938-4456
Health Office, 520 Washington 938-2335
County Extension Agent-520 Washington 938-4480
Engineer-Broad St.-938-4450
Gove County 4-H Building & Fairgrounds, Grainfield, KS 673-4792
Health Department-520 Washington -938-2335
Magistrate Judge-Broad St.-938-2235
Noxious Weed Director-520 Washington 938-4410
Register of Deeds-520 Washington 938-4465
Sanitary Landfill, Grainfield, 673-4695
Sheriff Office-Broad St.-938-2250
Treasurer-520 Washington 938-2275
Post Office   (785) 938-2265 / 470 Broad
USDA Service Center   (785) 938-2270 / Hwy. 23 & 4th
Information gathered by Janice Criswell & Maxine Litson
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