Cloud County, Kansas
Solomon Valley Highway 24 Heritage Alliance;

Welcome to Glasco, Kansas, 67445,  Glasco Community Foundation and Cloud County, KS


Kansas Pride

Founded. . .1871



Clubs & Organizations



Club / Organization & Contact

Arts and Recreation in the Park
Glasco Community Foundation, Service Learning

Fun Day Steering Committee
Stephanie McAlister: 785-568-2359

 GIFTS, Glasco Free University
Glasco Community Foundation

Glasco Arts and Humanities Council
JoAnn Cool Alban: 785-568-2632

Glasco Chamber Pride
Claude Harwood, M.D: 785-568-2515

Glasco Community Foundation
Jean Schmidt: 785-568-2637

Glasco Community Historical Society
Marlene Grittman: 785-568-2467

Glasco Golf Association
Mike Brayton: 785-568-2499

Glasco High School Alumni
Kelly and Laurie Cool, Sec.-Treas., 785-568-2767

Glasco Senior Citizens
Patricia Horn: 785-568-2313

Mother Goose Pre-School Library Program
Patricia Horn: 785-568-2313

Service Learning
Joan Nothern: 785-568-0120

Tappan Hill Black Powder Range
Gerald Miller: 785-568-2386

Bill Demars: 785-568-2520


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