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On the morning of January 20, 2009 a letter from the White House was delivered to Glasco, Kansas announcing the Glasco Community Foundation had been designated as a Preserve America Steward.  This new initiative had been announced at the Preserve America residential Awards ceremony on May 12, 2008 at the White House. Glasco Community Foundation is among the first eleven designated for this recognition.


Preserve America Stewards is administered by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management.  The eleven Preserve America Stewards recognized in mid-January 2009 are: Alaska: Alutiq Museum; California: Monterey State Historic Park; Colorado: Chimney Rock Interpretive Association and San Juan Mountains Association; Kansas: Glasco Community Foundation; Maryland: United States Lighthouse Society; Nationwide: Passport in Time Program; New Jersey: InfoAge Science-History Center; New Mexico: Cornerstone Community Partnerships and New Mexico Site Watch; and Ohio: Oberlin Heritage Center.


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~ A Letter or recognition from Laura Bush ~




January 12, 2009


Dear Volunteers of Glasco Community Foundation,


Congratulations on the designation of Glasco Community Foundation as a Preserve America Steward!  The preservation of our historical and cultural resources honors our nation’s rich heritage.  President Bush and I applaud your achievements.


Your volunteer efforts inspire our fellow Americans and set a great example for communities around the country.  Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Preserve America initiative.




Laura Bush     

Honorary Chair, Preserve America 



Establishment of National US Highway 24 Museum
and Partnership Historic Sites Tax Credit Program


Glasco Community Foundation is working toward the goal of establishing a National US Highway 24 Museum.  A long range goal, the first step is the preserving and reconfiguring three historic buildings located in the Historic Downtown District of Glasco.


Glasco Community Foundation gained ‘Partnership Historic Site’ status for the three buildings in a program created by the Kansas Legislature in 2008.  The Kansas State Historical Society named Glasco as one of the first designated sites.  The four defining criteria for eligibility were: 1) The district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; 2) The GCF is an IRS certified 501 (c) 3 non-profit; 3) The goal is to operate a National Highway 24 Museum that will be open 500 hours annually; and 4) The purpose is to educate the public about this aspect of Kansas and U. S. history.


Glasco’s Partnership Historic Site is eligible for the Partnership Historic Sites Tax Credit Program.  Kansas State tax credits are available for contributions to the Glasco Community Foundation for this project.  Donations for 2009 tax credits must be received before June 30, 2009. 


Work is actually underway on one of the buildings in the Partnership Site.  This first concrete step is only the beginning of what promises to be a significant undertaking for Glasco and all U.S. Highway 24 communities.


For further information about this project and/or making tax credit eligible donations please contact Joan Nothern at




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