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Founded. . .1871



Glasco Community Foundation

Glasco citizens have a long tradition of supporting the community and its institutions.
The Glasco Community Foundation, incorporated in June, 1999, was founded to build on this tradition, uniting the community to ensure a way of life now endangered in rural Kansas, in rural America.


Board of Directors

Glasco Community Foundation
P.O. Box 572
Glasco, Kansas 67445

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JoAnn Alban Dorothy Martin
June Dwyer Dennis McAlister
Marvin Henning Joan Nothern
Lynda Huffer Jean Schmidt

Walter (Squeak) Wolf



The Community

Glasco, Kansas was incorporated in 1876, just two years before the Union Pacific Railroad reached Glasco. Pioneers and immigrants were drawn to the lush Solomon Valley and they established the balanced community that has distinguished Glasco ever since.
A vigorous economy flourished, supporting the surrounding agricultural development. Schools, churches, and the newspaper were established within Glasco's first decade. They continue to the present time as the backbone of the community.
Those who have chosen Glasco as home find a history of character and fortitude that makes them proud. Respect for the gifts from the past creates the desire to sustain this community, maintaining the values molded through its history, and building on a progressive will to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of Glasco.

Our Purpose

The Glasco Community Foundation:

  • Promotes citizen involvement and support of activities that encourage preservation and maintenance of community assets.

  • Supports civic, cultural and recreational activities that promote a quality of life leading to the continued existence of a viable Glasco community.

  • Provides a vehicle for accepting memberships, memorials, donations, and gifts of cash from individuals, families, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and private foundations to address community needs.


Values & Beliefs

The Glasco Community Foundation is based on the belief that:

  • Every membership and gift is important. The foundation provides for all gifts to make a difference.

  • That the future of our community is in our hands.

  • Investing in our youth and their education is a sound decision.

  • That a healthy community provides the best opportunity for families and future generations to remain within the community.


    If you share these values, please join us in the effort
    to make the Glasco community "One to grow on."



  • The Glasco Community Foundation purchased the historic grocery store building on the corner of Main and Fisher, preventing its demolition for rock.

  • The Glasco Community Foundation made strategic improvements in the grocery store building, enhancing its potential as a successful business site.

  • The Glasco Community Foundation retooled use of the grocery store to meet community needs:

    • Rural Nutrition Grant for activities that raise nutrition awareness;

    • Kansas Arts Commission Grassroots grants for workshops to share local artists' skills;

    • Community Resource Grant to develop a Free University;

    • Compassion Kansas Grant to increase capacity to meet community needs.

    • Save Our History Grant from the History Channel to collaborate with Glasco Grade School in Civil War Veterans research project.

    • Community Based Service Learning to encourage collaboration among Glasco organizations in defining and meeting community need

  • The Glasco Community Foundation coordinated research that led to Downtown Historic District designation by the National Park Service, November 17, 2002.

  • The Glasco Community Foundation publishes twice annual membership newsletter and quarterly Rural Activity Center Newsletter.

  • The Glasco Community Foundation received the Met-Life Foundation Award 2002 for working with students and school in preserving the historic building and enhancing learning.  The GCF's Corner Store received the 2005 PRIDE Star Award recognizing the outstanding programs provided by volunteers.

  • The Glasco Community Foundation holds community building annual membership meetings.  Speakers include Cathy Ambler, Fred Krebs, Marci Penner, Marcia Knowles, Walter (Squeak) Wolf, Dennis McAlister, and Brenda Berndt.


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