Sculpture honoring first balsam fir tree in Kansas planted in downtown Belpre


A sign in downtown Belpre demonstrates the importance of trees to early settlers:
First Balsam Fir
Tree in Kansas
Planted April 1888
by H. D. Prose
Marker Erected By
Belpre EHU
Unfortunately, the tree blew down in 1996. Making the best of their misfortune, the community has preserved part of the trunk as a monument.

Population: 116
Elevation: 2090 feet
Latitude: 37° 57' 0" N
Longitude: 99° 6' 0" W
ZIP code:  67519
Area Code: 620

Belpre is located in the northeast corner of Edwards [ED] county. It has a large main square and was obviously a much bigger town once.
Library   Henry Laird Library on the square in Belpre, KansasHenry Laird Library
(620) 995-3322
405 Wheeler Ave., Box 128,
Belpre, KS 67519
Churches   St. Bernard's Church in Belpre, KansasSt Bernard's Church
Olive & Hudson

United Methodist Church   (620) 348-2825 / Main & Hudson
Notes   Genealogical Information for Edwards County is available on Blue Skyways.
Historical images of Belpre from the Special Collections at WSU's Ablah Library are available online.
Belpre was on the Anthony and Northwestern Railroad.
Belpre is on the A.T. & S.F. Railroad.
Belpre appears on a county map in the History of Kansas by Noble L. Prentis published in 1899.
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