Poetry of Kansas

The Song Of The Wind And The Leaves.

There's a beautiful song that is sung every day
When the wind and the leaves play together,
And I hear the sweet notes as I wander along,
From my low cottage home to the heather.
And I fain would express the sweet sentiment there,
The sweet songs of love and devotion,
When the wind sighs to stay but must go on its way
On its journey o'er land and the ocean.
Oh, the songs yet to sing of the beautiful woods,
Oh, the songs that old Nature is singing,
I hear them each day as I wander away
Where the gay summer birds are awinging.
'Neath the dark shady leaves the soft winds take a peep
Where the birdlings are nested together,
And say: "Fly away," for the leaves cannot stay,
To shelter in bleak autumn weather.
Oh, soft summer winds; oh, beautiful woods,
Sing on for the children yet coming,
Sing sweet songs of love while the young turtle doves
Are cradled to sleep with your humming.
And when in the autumn the leaves turn to gold,
And sigh for the wind that will sever,
They'll sing once again your sweet plaintive strain,
And the music will go on forever.
___From Kansas Standard.

Kansas Zephyrs
Ed. Blair
(Madison, Wis.: American Thresherman. 1901)
Page 14

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