Poetry of Kansas


Only a few joints of stovepipe
    Leaning against the wall,
Only a few joints of stovepipe,
    But they caused a family brawl;
Just a few joints of stovepipe,
    With a little soot inside,
That scattered itself o'er the carpet
    And caused two fond hearts to collide.
"Climb on the stool hear, dear Henry,
    And put this pipe into the flue,
And fit this join into the elbow,
    How nicely! I think that will do.
Now get this connected with that sir,
    And watch there, Oh!" Well I'll not tell
The rest that dear woman uttered.
    That day when the stovepipe fell.
Only a woman talking,
    As woman had ne'er talked before;
Only a husband swearing
    And kicking the pipe through the door.
Only the neighbors rushing
    To find who was killed that day,
When someone shouted out "Stovepipe,"
    And then the crowd all ran away.

__Ed. Blair.

Kansas Zephyrs
Ed. Blair
(Madison, Wis.: American Thresherman. 1901)
Page 144

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