Poetry of Kansas

Portrait in a Plush-Trimmed Frame

Although the only woman in Hometown
Who openly followed the scarlet profession
Lived entirely without feminine companionship,
Death found her with women friends to spare.
Living, she was shunned more pointedly than lepers in
                                Bible times,--
For all her plumes and velvets,
Women sneered as they passed her on the street
And men sheepishly looked the other way.
One day she died.
Mrs. Lipp, a Christian body, called several women and
That after all, Kittie was only a poor, misguided human
And that some of them ought to go
And help straighten out her rooms.
Every woman nobly answered that call;
They had a wonderful time,
Taking turns trying on Kittie's hats,--
There were three with willow plumes!

Kansas Poets
Edited by May William Ward
(New York: Henry Harrison. 1935)
Page 206

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