Poetry of Kansas

Eyes of Youth

What do you see, Youth, -ahead, afar,
There on the hilltop and by that star -
Up the long road to that far country?
You must see things that I never see!
I have stood long here with eager eyes,
Sweeping the earth and searching the skies;
Yet I cannot see flash of birds' wings.
Where do you stand, Youth, to see these things?
Lazarus on earth a
Tho he be full of
What do you hear, Youth, in that bird's call,
There in the meadow, down by that wall?
It must be real and it must be near;
But you hear things that I never hear!
What do you hear as the winds go by?
I cannot hear it, much as I try!
I cannot hear Youth, I cannot see
The things you hear and the things you see!

Kansas Poets
Edited by May William Ward
(New York: Henry Harrison. 1935)
Page 186

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