Poetry of Kansas


I tell you how I feel on this or that,
As simply as a child confesses at
His mother's knee. You tease and ask me why,
Smiling down on me with quizzing eye.
I do not answer, or I say, "because",
Which is a woman's way and always was.
I state a truth a fact I know full well:
The cause, the "why", I don't attempt to tell.
Philosophy explains, what ere I think,
I can resolve to causes, link by link___
Not what I feel. Emotion is a king
Tyranical, who bears no questioning.
I lay mute reason by upon the shelf,
Feel so and so, and cannot help myself.
Then, when I tell you, do not put your "Why?"
Smiling down on me with your quizzing eye.

__Ellen P. Allerton.

Walls of Corn and Other Poems
Ellen P. Allerton
(Hiawatha, KS: Harrington Printing Company. 1894)
Pages 138-139

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