Poetry of Kansas


If an evil can be cured,
Set thyself to cure it;
If 'tis but to be endured,
Bravely, then, endure it.
Weak complaint and peevish fret
Never banished trouble yet:___
They do but insure it.
Grief hast thou, full hardly borne___
Time hath touch of healing.
Patience, yet may rays of morn
Through the night come stealing.
Trouble yet may prove a friend,
Stern, yet faithful, in the end,
Highest use revealing.
Dost thou, sad-eyed passer-by,
Bear a living sorrow___
Secret pain that may not cry___
May no pity borrow?
While thy tears in darkness flow,
Seest thou no gleams that show
Glimpse of bright to-morrow?
Patience yet; thou hopeless one!
With thy best endeavor
Give thy life. 'Tis lightly spun___
Lightest touch may sever.
At the last are rest and peace,
Serest trouble's calm surcease___
Grief is not forever.

__Ellen P. Allerton

Walls of Corn And Other Poems
Ellen P. Allerton
Pages 183-184
(Hiawatha, Kansas: The Harrington Printing Company. 1894)

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