Poetry of Kansas

A Message.

I sit in the twilight, thinking;
    The full round moon rides high,
And a single star its silvery lamp
    Hangs out in the tinted sky
The loud, wild winds are sleeping,
    But a breeze on the highlands born,
Just stirs the stalks of the withered grass,
    Just rustles the hoary corn.
The silent frost comes creeping
    Over the prairie's breast,
And the deepening night, with dusky wing
    Broods over a land at rest.
Still I sit here, sadly thinking,
    Oh! dear ones, kind and true!
From out the hush of the silent night
    My heart would speak to you.
I call across the darkness,
    In eager, passionate tone:
I reach out longingly to touch
    The hands that have clasped my own.
But alas! two mighty rivers
    Mock at my outstretched hand;
Two mighty rivers lie between,
    And many a league of land.
Vainly I call; and the distance
    Vainly I seek to span;
You heed not,, hear not, my eager words,
    And they neither bless nor ban.
Lo! a bit of snow-white paper!
    Some magic shall give it wings;___
I trow such messages as this
    Have shaken thrones of kings.
It shall cleave the night and the silence,
    It shall flutter down to your feet;
Ye shall know the love in my heart of hearts___
    Thus sundered souls do greet.

__Ellen P. Allerton.

Walls of Corn and Other Poems
Ellen P. Allerton
(Hiawatha, KS: Harrington Printing Company. 1894)
Pages 187-188

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