Poetry of Kansas

A Dedicatory Hymn.

Written by request, and sung at the dedication of the
Baptist Church in Horton.
Though highest heaven is thy throne,
And earth and suns and stars thine own,
Yet to thy feet, our Lord and King,
Our choicest gifts we gladly bring.
Wilt thou accept, we humbly pray,
The offering we bring to-day;
For time this house our hands have made;
In love are its foundations laid.
May nothing sordid enter here;
No strife provoke the sinner's sneer.
With concert sweet and worship pure,
May peace remain and love endure.
As sunshine falls, and dews of night,
May blessings on these walls alight.
May all who here shall bow the knee
With contrite hearts, find rest in thee.
May souls afflicted, tempest-tossed,
By floods o'erwhelmed in darkness lost,
Find here a light for 'wildered feet,
For sorest trouble comfort sweet.
We all as leaves must fade away,___
This house shall crumble and decay;___
But yonder___yonder stands
A better house not made with hands.

__Ellen P. Allerton.

Walls of Corn and Other Poems
Ellen P. Allerton
(Hiawatha, KS: Harrington Printing Company. 1894)
Page 227

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