Poetry of Kansas

We Miss The Hogs And Cattle

Some years ago our valley teemed
          with cattle, hogs and sheep,
The people planted corn and such and
          made the farm complete
We used to drive out visiting and we'd
          see the piggies eat
We'd hear the cows a lowing and we'd
          hear the lambkins bleat;
But now that day is passed away
          within this vast domain,
We miss the hogs and cattle and we
          wish them back again.
One day a greedy farmer came and
          planted too much wheat
And when he harvested the crop the
          stubble caused the heat
And it spread and drove the rain
          away and corn was on the bum,
And the farmers blamed the country
          when the rain drops failed to
And they sold their hogs and cattle,
          when they didn't have the grain,
But we miss them, yes we miss them,
          And we wish them back again.
And the farmers took to planting
          wheat and let the corn crops go
The money for the cows and pigs they
          put in wheat to sow,
And the Lord did not make rain de-
          scend on stubble hot and dry
So when a cloudlet tried to rain, it
          failed, we all know why,
And the apples failed to ripen when
          they didn't get the rain,
So we miss them, yes we miss them,
          and we wish them back again.
And we miss the grapes and berries
          that ripened in the fall,
And the garden truck and melons,
          yes, indeed we miss them all
And we hope to see a corn crop grow-
          ing in the place of wheat
And the pigs again a squealing and to
          hear the lambkins bleat,
And we wish for apples, grapes and
          pears, cattle lowing in the lane,
For we miss them, yes we miss them,
          and we wish them back again.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 31-32

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